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Fidelity loan USSD code: How to get a loan from Fidelity Bank

Fidelity bank is among the bank that give out loan to their customers. They have deferent loan product targeted at different segment of their over 5 million customer. You can get a fast and quick loan without collateral or paper work with them and you can also get heavy loan such as mortgage loan.

This article is all about Fidelity loan, how to get a loan from them, we are not stopping there, you will also learn their requirement, different types of loan they offer and others


Fidelity loan requirements

Before you can obtain a loan from Fidelity bank there are some requirements you need to meet up with which are

Have good credit score


You must not have defaulted on any loan before

You must be a Nigeria and reside in Nigeria

You should be above 21 years of age

You should have valid means if identification


For salary loan you need to have salary account with Fidelity bank

Types of loan offer by Fidelity Bank

There are different loan product you can get from fidelity bank, they are

Fidelity payday loan

Payday loan is targeted at salary earners who are working in a reputable organisation, before you can get his loan you need to have salary account with Fidelity bank spanning at least 6 months.

The amount of loan you can get here depend on the amount you are receiving per month.

Personal loan

As the name implies, this loan is targeted at people who need money to offset an emergency need, since it is urgent loan the amount you can get here is small and the payback period is also short but the disbursement is very fast.

Fidelity NYSC loan

This is a loan for serving coppers, it is like a personal loan but targeted at people who are currently serving and that have their alllowee account with Fidelity bank.

Point of transaction loan (POT)

This is another loan from Fidelity,and it is help complete transaction, for instance you might want to buy a goods or service worth #1,000 with your ATM card but the amount in your account is just #800 you can obtain a POT loan to finish the transaction.

Migo loan

Like many other bank Fidelity bank is also in partnership with migo loan, you can dial *561# on the sim connected to Fidelity bank account to access migo loan.

The pay back period is 30 days and the amount of loan offer you will get depend on the amount of money entering and going out of hour account per month.

Fidelity Easy Asset Leasing Scheme (FEALS)

This loan is for people that want to buy asset like generator, laptop or household appliances.

The loan is easy to get just walk to any bank branches in your location and ask for it, the pay back period is in months and the interest rate depend on the price of the asset

Mortage loan

With fidelity bank you can ask for a house loan to buy your dream home, the pay back period is in years and the interest rate depend on the cost of the house.

Instant Salary Advance scheme

This is another loan fromm Fidelity bank which is targeted at salary earners. In this type of loan you will receive the 50% of your salary as loan, for instance let say you are collecting #100,000 per month the mount of loan you can get will be #50,000.

The interest rate depend on the loan but payback period is 1 month, the loam will be i automatically deducted once you receive salary

Fidelity bank credit card

Fidelity also join the league of banks that give credit card in Nigeria, you can use the card to buy good and service without having a dime in your account.

It is like overdraft once you receive money whatever you own will be automatically deducted.

How to apply for a Fidelity loan

To apply for Fidelity loan follow the below procedure
You have two way to apply for loan according to the type of loan you want to obtain,

For online loan such as

Personal loan
Salary loan
Payday loan
Migo loan

You can apply to that on you phone by dialling the Fidelity bank loan USSD code which is (*770*08#). You can also send them a text on WhatsApp 09030000302


For heavy loan you need to visitt Fidelity bank branch in your location and ask for the loan you want to obtain.

How long does it take to get a loan from Fidelity bank

If it is loan that you can use ussd code to get you will be credited in less down 30 minutes but if it is heavy loan that require you visiting their bank breach it will take some days.

Fidelity bank contacts

Address: 2, Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria

Phone number: 0700 343 35489


Email: [email protected]

Fidelity bank koan ussd code

The Fidelity bank loan used code is (*770*08#), once you dial it you will see deferent types of loan you can apply for.


Above is how to get a loan from Fidelity bank , if you follow the article you will see that it is easy to get a loan from Fidelity. Though it is easy, I will advice you to obtain a loan you can play back.

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