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Nano Extra White Soap Review: Side effect, how to know original

Nano extra white soap is your best bet if you want to have a light and glowing skin, even without using a lightning cream with it, you will have a smooth and clean skin.

Nano extra white soap will clean the pores of your skin and make it free thereby preventing formation of acne.


Rashes,dirt, melasma and other skin problems will be cleared from your body if you use this cream. Though it is a bleaching cream it contain less hydroquinone and have no toxic substance like mercury.

This article is all about Nano extra white soap; it side effect and other important questions you might have.


Nano exrta white soap benefit

Below are benefit you will have for using this soap

It brighten the skin
The soap alone can light up your skin, if you then use a perfect cream with it you will envy your skin.

All the harden part of your skin like knuckle, elbow and knee will be light up. Bank extra white soap will make your complexion uniform.

It smoothen skin


Extra white soap help to clean the pores of your skin and clear away impurities that may be on the surface of your skin therefore making your skin smooth like that of a baby.

No stretch mark
If you have a stretch mart on your skin, your best bet is Nano extra white soap, it willclear it off though it might be slow, it will definitely get rid of it, leaving your skin glowing.

No discoloration
Many cream out there will make your skin discolor, especially bleaching cream, with Nano extra white cream you can say bye bye to skin discoloration, Nano extra white soap will light you up uniformly.

Side effect of Nano extra white soap

There are not much side effect of this cream except that you might experience skin peeling at the first four weeks of using this cream. For dark skin people they will experience skin discoloration for the first month of using it. Apart from this three is noting more.

How to use Extra white soap

Rub this soap with water so as to form lather, apply the lather gently to your face and other part of your skin then rinse it off. To have a better result make sure your hand is clean to prevent contamination.

Nano extra white soap ingredient

Below are the ingredients that make up Nano extra white soap

Sodium Coconut Kernilate, Sodium Coconuttate, Triclosan, Glycerine, Carrot, Papaine, Papaya and Fragrance.

Questions and Answer

Is Nano extra white soap a bleaching cream
Yes it is a bleaching cream

Does Nano Extra White Soap Contain Hydroquinone?
According to the producer it does no contain hydroquinone but I doubt that, it might contain it in small quantity.

How Good Is Nano Extra White Soap
It is on of the best soap in Nigeria it will not only light your skin, it will also clear off skin problem you might have and make your skin colour uniform.

How to know original Nano white soap
It is actually hard to detect fake soap until you use it. The fake Nano white soap will have PLUS +Glutathione writing in red while the original will have it written in blue. The best solution to this is to buy the soap from a reputable source

Picture of fake Nano white soap

Fake soap

Picture of original Nano White soap

Original nano white soap

Nano extra white soap price in Nigeria
It is between #1,000 to #2,000 depending on your location and the seller

Where to buy extra white soap in Nigeria
To buy original extra white soap, head over to jumia or konga.

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