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How to make money as a girl in Nigeria (Online and offline)

Making money is the next best thing after living healthy; in fact money is part of what will give you healthy life especially in Nigeria.

But there is a bias to the issue of money making it tends to draw towards men than girl, it is easy for guys to make money quickly and that is why ladies don’t have a choice than to use their body and cunning brain to get money from guys.


We thought this trough and look or business (both online and offline) that girl can do that will make them in par financially with their male counterpart.

The purpose of this article is to show you how to make money as a girl in Nigeria.
Since your question is how and ways of making money, I will like you to take note of the following.

Making money is hard

Both offline and online it is hard to make money, you need to make decision that you won’t back down in any business you venture into because you will surely get frustrated, Nigeria will make it so.



Of course you can make money without knowledge but it will be a peanut, if you can gather knowledge or learn a skill in fact most of the money making ways that will be listed in this article require skill.


You can make money in Nigeria without mentor but it will be slow, in Nigeria and in the world to make money quickly you need some one that will show you the way.

There are two trees for money making and they are

Mentor + skill = you will get money fast

Skill + trial and error = it will take a while, and you might eventually quit.

All in all, it is determination and consistency that matter.

Choose the one that compliment your skill
For a start choose business that you know well and that you have passion for because beginning is the hardest, once you make your money you can move to other line of business and hire people to help out.

How to make money online as a girl in Nigeria


Podcasting is a lucrative business that requires little capital, with microphone and well designs space to record, you are good to go. Podcasting is a subset of radio broadcasting and is currently making wave in America.

If you chose it your job is to make audio record of what people are ready to hear such as politic analysis, romance, health tips and list it in popular podcasting platform such as Apple podcast and Google podcast (they are many in Nigeria).

Podcasting is just coming up in Nigeria that means there is low competition.

To make your audio go viral share it on social media and employ your friends to help out if the content is good you will be making money in no time.


Blogging is still pumping money for people, don’t listen to hearsay that blogging is dead but to warn you it is very hard, yes very hard and takes a lot of time before you will start enjoying the fruit of your labor.

Usually for a newbie it will take between 1 to 2 years before you can start making money from it.

your job is to write about the thing you are passionate about and that people are searching for, I’m sure as a girl you would have cross some junction in life turn that experience in to blog and teach people that are looking for solution.

Blogging is like any other business, to succeed find solution to problem simple.


Remember I state in introduction that most of the ways to make money as a girl in Nigeria require skill. You need to acquire a freelance skill like designer, programmer, writing and other.

Luckily most of the skill will not take you more than 6 months if you are serious, once you acquire it head to freelance site like Freelancer, Upwork and Fiver, register with them and input your portfolio that you have done this will make people trust you.

Note the beginning will be hard, for the first three months you might not have any customer, keep going you will surly make it.

Proof reading

If you are good at checking error in a novel or any writing, take some course that will further improve your skill, contact people and work for them for free, once you do this start advertising your business or head over to freelancing site.

Before you know the people that you work for free will start referring you to their colleague and people will start contacting you.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing in simple term is referring product to people. It is not hard once you know the product you are promoting well, in fact I will advise you to have use or touch the product you want to sell incase people start to ask you question and which they will surely do.

To start head over to affiliate marketing platform like jumia, konga, deal day, amazon, Alibaba, click bank,

Note, don’t engage in any Afflitat program that ask for payment, in most case they are lion looking for whom to devour.

Web and app development

Haaa, I hear you scream
This is for boys na ?
No, programming is for anybody that is ready to work.

Programing industry in Nigeria is less competitive, company and institution are forever looking for programmer, believe me if you are good in programming people will contact you and give you job but yes there is but, it is hard at least you will spend 1 year staring at code before you will start making money (huge money).


Writing eBook is another way to make money as a girl in Nigeria, like podcast you need to know and have experience on what you want to write, look for topic that you know very well like how to create google ads write it down and head over to self-publishing platform like Amazon KDP to publish and sell your e-book.

Another way to go at it is to create a blog that will be gear toward selling your e-book.

Selling photo online

As a girl I’m sure you will like taking photo, if you do there is no point in keeping them, create account on Shutterstock and sell your photo.

To make great sell your photo should be top notch and what buying, although any picture can sell on Shutterstock I will advise you to go for nature picture.

Teaching online

If you have skill that people are trying to learn such as blogging skill, video editing skill, you can utilize Udemy and Coursera to teach people how to do it and if you want to be in control of your lesson you can create a course website or use WhatsApp. All in all make sure you know your onion.


We have talk about bogging and podcasting another way you can make money with content in Nigeria is Vloging,, in fact you can do everything together once you make tangible money in one.

To start vlogging buy video camera and quality microphone and head over to YouTube.

Account creation and unloading is free and once you have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours you can submit it for monetization.

If you don’t have camera or microphone you can use iphone or any phone with good camera and microphone.

Create your online store

Buying online is now the norms, you can also tap into the booing ecommerce in Nigeria, look for product that people buy most I will advise you to go for women product because as a girl you will know what they want.

Build ecommerce website and sell the product on it, one thing I like about ecommerce is that, you don’t have to have the product, you can list product that you don’t have and when your customer make order you quickly get and send it to the person, Isn’t that great.


Instead of going through the problem of sending product to customer you can go into Dropshiping.

Dropshiping is another form of affiliate but more advance, with a plugin or software you will connect your store with a popular ecommerce website and once buyer make an order, on your site it will be pass to the big ecommerce and they will be the one to do the delivery.

You don’t touch the good, you don’t deliver your job is to drive traffic to your website and get paid.

Article writing

If you are good in writing, you can start writing agency where you will write deferent kind of article for people articles like copy (copywriting), blog post, product review, technical writing, school article and other.

It is easy to start; create a WordPress website and install writing agency plugin (or theme) and writ blog post that will drive traffic to it, once you start getting customer look for worker to help out.

Become influencer

If you have great body, you can become a social media influencer, it will be hard at first but once you start making money it will be easy and you can even become a model through that.

One thing you need to do well is to create a content that will drive traffic, either mouthwatering photo or great article that will glue reader to screen you need to find a way.

Online survey

This is a quick way to make money but it is not advisable only do It when you are in need of cash. Your job is to answer people or company survey on platform like Swagbucks and Toluna.

The more survey you complete the more your money will increase.

How to make money as a girl in Nigeria (offline)

Start a mini restaurant

Where will I get the capital?

This is technology age you won’t need much capital to start a restaurant. The problem is do you have the skill, can you cook delicious food, if yes buy some kitchen utensil, food stuff and find space where you live, make sure the place is clean and start preparing your food.

To sell it, advertise on social media or use free advert by posting regularly about food on social media before you know it people will start ordering food from you.

But before that, knock on offices, banks and other places that you know they will buy food, tell them that you have their product, gradually they will know you and start anticipating you every day.

Buy and sell

This business is stressful, but if you are rugged buy foodstuff at a cheap price from place like villages and sell to people in the city at high price, it does not require much capital and you will make money. Again it is very stressful.

Sell Perfume

Most Nigerian can’t go out without using perfume, if you engage in this business you will always make money because it is always in demand.

To start it look for popular brad of perfume that your target customer use, buy it and sell it to them simple.

Lol, it is not that simple, you need to look for customer since those people that you will sell to have a customer they are buying from.

To get customer beg and cajole your friends and family to help with promotion, post fine picture on Instagram and Facebook, reduce the price of your perfume compare to your competitor, make sure you only target one segment of customer, sell only original perfume. Once you do this you will make sale.

Make and sell soap

There is two way to this, you can either sell (including liquid soap) or make your soap and sell. If you opt for making soap you will need to acquire the knowledge before you can start selling it.

But if you think it will be too stressful locate a soap maker, buy from them and sell to user. At start you need your friends and family to help broadcast your business so treat them with free soap.

Boutique store

I’m sure you know what boutique is, the secret to make sale in boutique is to look for high traffic location or use social media .

You can also setup ecommerce website, it is a lucrative business, but I will advise you to start with women cloth and as you go on you can add men cloth to it.

Skin care product

Another way to make money as girl in Nigeria is to sell skin care product, you can add this business to boutique store or do it alone.

It is an evergreen business, as long as there is ladies on this earth skin care product will always be in demand. To start you will need #500,000 naira and above and make sure you situate your palour to a high traffic location.


Above is how to make money as a girl in Nigeria both online and offline, it is left to you to make your decision, the truth is if you still stay there looking for best time to start it, you will end up not starting anything, move away from Wantreprenur and join Startuppreneur club.

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