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Applevet cream (Tube and lightening): side effect, how to use and more




Applevet cream is the go to if you want to have a smooth and glowing skin. Applevet cream does not bleach your skin but it will light it up and the complexion uniform, even the harden part of your skin like elbow, knee, knuckles will be light up.

The only problem with this cream is that it is slow, for the first four weeks of using it you might not notice any changes, it might be until five week before you will start seeing result.

For fair and chocolate skin this cream is your best bet, it will not change your complexion but maintain it, such that it become smooth and look like that of a baby.


Benefit of Applevet cream

Below are the benefit of using Applevet cream

Cure itchiness
If your skin is itchy I will advice you to go for this cream, it will cure it and not only that other skin problem like melasma, stretch mark will also be cure if you use this cream

It light up your skin
Applevet will tone your skin and make it light, it will not bleach but give it a uniform colour. For dark skin, you might not notice any effect until months.

It clear sunburn
If you have sunburn you can bid bye to it, Applevet will clear sunburn and dark spot in four weeks of using it. After clearing it, it will light the place up such that they become even with the rest of the skin.

Side effect of Applevet cream

Every advantaged must have disadvantages, below are the side effect of Applevet cream

Not really good for dark skin

If you have dark skin and want it to light up, this cream is not for you, it will only improve your complexion, it will only maintains it. If you so desire this cream the way out is to mix it with epiderm or other bleaching cream.

Very slow
Applevet cream is very slow except you have a very senerive skin of not it will take time before you will notice any changes in your complexion.

You might experience sweat if you use this cream. The solution to this is to use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

Apart from this two above there is no side effect of Applevet again, the cream is very good

How to use Applevet cream

Rub some of the cream on your palm and apply it gently to your skin. Make sure your palm is clean to prevent contamination.

Questions and Answer

Does Applevet cream contain hydroquinone

No, Applevet does not contain hydroquinone

Does applevet cream cure pimples
Yes, Applevet cream will clear all your pimples and not only that, it will light up dark spot cause by dead pimples.

Is Applevet cream a bleaching cream
No, since Applevet does not contain hydroquinone it is not a bleaching cream

Does Applevet cream clear dark spot
Yes, Applevet cream clear dark spot

How much is Applevet cream in Nigeria
The price of Applevet cream is between #1,500 to #2,000 depending on your location and the seller

Where to buy Applevet cream in Nigeria

To buy original Applevet cream head over to jumia or konga.

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