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Anthisan cream review: Side effect, uses, and price

Anthisan cream is a medicated cream, it will clear of any skin problem you might have such as rash, pimples, insect bite and skin condition like inflammation. The cream is very good within hours of applying the cream you will start noticing positive effect on your skin.

Major use of Anthisan cream is to reduce the effect of insect bite, it will make the pain go away and reduce this inflammation. It us also used to cure pimples, eczema, melasma, freckles and others thanks to it antibacterial and antifungal property.


The cream is affordable with R300 you will get the cream but ensure you buy from reputable source to prevent buying the fake ones. The cream does not contain harmful ingredients such as mercury or hydroquinone

This article is all about anthisan cream review: side effect, uses and other questions you might have about the cream stay tune.

Benefit or uses of Anthisan cream

Below are the benefit you will enjoy if you use the cream


Relief pain from insect bite
Insect bite can be painful and it takes time to go away but with Anthisan cream you will be relief of this pain in sort time. It will also reduce inflamatoon cause by insect bite.

It clear pimples
You can also use this cream to clear pimples, it work very fast, it will clear it off in short time.

It clear off eczema
Though this is not the primary purpose of this cream, its antifungal property make it effective against eczema.

It clear off Rash
You can also use this cream to clear rashes, it will clear it off in no time but make sure you apply it to the place of infection

Side effect of Anthisan cream

Anthisan cream does not realy have side effect just that it can burn your skin if the cream stay too long..

How to use Anthisan cream

Rub some of the cream on your palm and massage it gently to the site of infection. To have a better result wash your hand before you use the cream.

Questions and Answer

How good is Anthisan cream
Anthisan cream is very good, it will relief you of pain from insect bite and also clear skin infection.

Is Anthisan cream good for sensitive skin people
Yes, the cream is good for sensitive skin and other skin types

Does anthisan cream contain hydroquinone
No Anthisan cream does not contain hydroquinone

Can I use Anthisan cream on my face
Yes, you can use Anthisan cream on your face but do not let it stay too long

Can I use anthisan cream for babies
Yes you can use anthisan cream for babies

Does anthisan cream clear eczema
Yes, anthisan cream will clear off eczema

Price of antisan cream in south Africa
Price of Anthisan cream is between R200 to R300 depending on the seller and the location

Where to buy anthisan cream in south Africa
To buy original anthisan cream head over to amazon or clicks


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