ytacan cream review: uses, side effect and how to apply

Ytacan cream is an antifungal cream, it will clear off skin problem like eczema, rash, itching, yeast infection, ring worm. It also have antibacterial property it wil clear of bacterial infection such as melasma, pimples, dark heads and others.

Yatacan cream work very fast , give it two weeks you will start noticing positive changes on your skin. Ytacan cream is affordable it is sold between #500 to #1,000 in Nigeria depending on your location and the seller.

There are fake of this product out there so buy from a reputable source. Ytacan cream does not contain harmful substance like mercury so you have noting to worry about.


Though many people use it for rashes, it is also good for pimples, I have used it before and it work very well but do not let the cream stay too long on your skin.

This article is all about ytacan cream;/uses, how to apply and other question you might have about the cream, stay tune

Benefit or uses of ytacan cream

Below are the benefit of ytacan cream you will enjoy if you use this cream


It will clear of bacterial infection
If you have bacterial infection on your skin, you u can bid it bye, this cream will wipe off infection such as melasma, freckles, pimples, dark heads and others.

It will clear off rash
Ytacan cream will clear off any rash on your skin, including baby rash, yes you can use ytacan cream on baby.

Fungal infection
Another uses for ytacan cream is clearing off fungal infection. It will clear of eczema, yeast infection, ringorm, and others.


It will clear off toilet disease
You can also use ytacan cream to cure toilet disease but do not let it stay too long on your sensitive skin.

Side effect of ytacan cream

Below are the side defect you might encounter while using this cream

Skin burn
If left for long on sensitive skin it might burn your skin. Once you see a tingling sensation remove the cream from your skin.


It can cure itching
Sometime you night experience itching after applying the cream to infected part of your skin.

How to apply ytacan cream

Rub some of the cream on your palm and apply it gently to the affected area of your skin. To have better result ensure you wash your hand before you use the cream to prevent contamination

Question and Answer

How good is ytacan cream
Ytacan cream is very good, it will clear off any skin problem you might have


Does ytacan cream contain harmful substance
No, ytacan cream does not contain harmful substance

Can ytacan cream cure pimples
Yes ytacan cream will cure pimples and other skin problem

Is ytacan cream good for yeast infection
Yes, ytacan cream is good for yeast infection


Can I use ytacan cream for toilet infection
Yes, it work well for toilet disease

Can ytacan cream cure eczema
Yes, it will cure eczema

Can I apply ytacan cream to my face
Yes, you can apply ytacan cream to the infected part of your face, but do not let it stay too long


What is ytacan cream use for
It is use to cure bacterial and fungal infection on the skin

Price of ytacan cream in Nigeria
Ytacan cream is sold between #500 to #1,000 in Nigeria depending on the seller and your location

Where to buy ytacan cream in Nigeria
To buy original ytacan cream head over to jumia


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