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Neoskin cream review: side effects, does it bleach

Neoskin cream is a medicated cream, it help to cure skin infection like pimples, melasma, freckles, eczema, white patches, dark heads and others. It work very fast within three weeks of using this cream your skin will be smooth and soft.

It does not bleach the skin, but can light it up. You can mix it with other cream to reduce it potency. If you are using it without cream do not let it stay to long on your face


Neoskin cream is one of the best medicated cream out there and it is not cost it is sold between #1,000 to #2,000 but ensure you buy from reputable source to avoid buying fake ones.

It will clean up your skin, removing impurities and others thereby making your skin smooth and radiant. It is a mild cream which means it can be use by everybody including babies.


This article is all about Neoskin cream review: side effect, benefit and other question you might have about the cream stay tune.

Benefit of Neoskin cream

Below are the benefit you will enjoy while using this cream

It clear off bacterial infection
The first benefit of this cream is that, it helps to clear of bacterial infection such as melasma, freckles, pimples, dark heads and others.

The interesting is that it does it very fast, give it three weeks and you will start noticing positive result on your skin.


It clear off fungal infection
Neoskin cream also help to cure fungal infection, like eczema, yeast infection, rung worm and others. It will make your skin smooth and clean.

It clears off dark spot
You can also use neoskin cream to cure dark spot on your face. Including sunburn. When using it to clear dark spot, do not let it stay too long on your face.

Side effects of Neoskin cream

Below are the side effects you might experience while using this cream

Skin burn
You might get skin burn while using this cream, this is why you should not let it stay too long on your face.

It causes itching
You might develop itching while using this cream, the solution to this is to take a break from the cream.

You can also develop rashes while using this cream, it usually occur at the first few days of using thecream, it will later go away but if it does not, I will advice you to take a break from the cream.

How to use Neoskin cream

Rub some of the cream on your palm and massage it gently to the site of infection. To have better result ensure you wash your hand before using the cream to prevent contamination.

Neoskin cream ingredients

Below are the ingredients that makes up neoskin cream

Clitromazole, Betamathosone Dipropionate, Neomycin Sulfate Cream

Questions and Answer

How good is neoskin cream
Neoskin cream is very good, it will clear of any skin infection you might have and make your skin smooth

Does Neoskin cream good for babies
Yes you can use neoskin cream for babies

Does Neoskin cream contain hydroquinone
No, it does not contain hydroqunone or any harmful substance

Can Neoskin cream cure pimples
Yes, Neoskin cream will clear off pimples on your skin

What is Neoskin cream use for
Neoskin cream is use for clearing bacterial and fungal infection on the skin. It can also be use to clear off dark spot

Is Neoskin cream good for fair skin
Yes, you can uses neoskin cream for fair skin

Can neoskin cream cure eczema
Yes, it will clear off eczema on the skin

Price of Neoskin cream in Nigeria

Neoskin cream price is between #1,000 to #2,000 depending on the seller and your location.

Where to buy neoskin cream in Nigeria
To buy original Neoskin cream head over to jumia.

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