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UBA loan Code: How to apply for uba loan

Uba bank is one of the banks that give urgent loan in Nigeria, with uba loan you can get up to #1m naira loan without collateral or paper work.

They also have some loan product that offers more than#50m but these loan product needs collateral before you can obtain it.
I’m sure you low that UBA give lian what you want to know is their loan code and how to apply for these loan products. All these and other information concerning UBA loan will be dealt with in this article, stay tune.


Requirements for UBA loan

Before you can obtain loan from UBA their are some requirement you need to meet which are

  • Be a Nigerian and recide in Nigeria
  • Have bank account with UBA
  • Have a BVN
  • You must not have defaulted on any loan before

Types of loan offer by UBA

UBA has many loan products, there are some you can get on your mobile phone with code while some you need to visit UBA bank branch in your location before you can get them. These loan product are


UBA overdraft loan

UBA overdraft loan is targeted at people who needs money urgently. In this loan product you can get a loan of upto #3m for six months depending on your monthly transaction volume.

The interest rate is 5% per month, you don’t need to provide collateral or guarantor. The most interesting thing about the loan is that everybody can access it be it salary earner and non salary earner.

UBA personal loan

In UBA personal loan you can also obtain loan of upto #3m without collateral or paper work. It is like overdraft, the deference is that you obtain the loan at once not like overdraft where you can only take loan to buy something, you can’t withdraw all at once.

The interest rate is also 5% and the payback period can be upto 6 months.


UBA bank corporative loan

In this type of loan you need to visit UBA bank branch before you can obtain it. It is targeted at cooperative who want to expand their business, the amount a company can request for here can be more than #100m but it requires collateral and guarantor.

UBA bank asset finance loan

This loan is targeted at people who want to buy asset such as generator, home appliances and others.

This loan can only be gotten from bank, though it does not need a collateral most time you will need to pay at least 20% of the cost of assets you want to purchase, for instance let say you want to buy a generator for #50,000 they might ask you to provide #10,000 before they will give you the loan, this will show how serious you are.

UBA bank payday loan

Payday loan is targeted at salary earners who work in a reputable organisation. Before you can obtain this loan you need to have a salary account with UBA for at least 6 months. The loan is proportional to the salary you are collecting per month which is mostly 50%, for instance let say you are collecting #100,000 per month you will be eligible for #50, 000 loan.

How to apply for UBA loan in Nigeria

There are many ways you can take to apply for UBA loan, they are

  • Through mobile app
  • Through ussd code
  • Through WhatsApp

All this ways will be explain below

Apply for UBA loan using mobile app

Before you can use the mobile app you need to download it and register which is very simple.

Once you register login to the your dashboard

Locate and click on “credit”

Follow the prompt it is simple, within 20 minutes of submitting application, your loan will be disbursed.

UBA loan USSD code

Another way to apply for UBA loan is through ussd code and it is one the simplest method, you don’t need to go to bank, just dial a code on your and you are good to go. The UBA loan USSD code is *919*28#.

Once you dial it just follow the prompt it is easy to navigate.

Apply for UBA loan through WhatsApp

I know this is absurd, WhatsApp? yes you can get a loan from UBA though WhatsApp.
Save this number on your phone +234 903 001 0007

Initiate a chat by sending “LOAN”

You will be ask the amount of loan you want and other questions, like that you will get your loan.


Getting UBA loan is easy just follow the procedure above and you are good to go.

When taking the loan please take what you can pay back don’t forget too much of loan without a repayment plan can send you back in the journey of life.

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