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Zenith loan: How to get a loan from zenith bank

Zenith Bank as one of the top tier bank in Nigeria also give loan to their customer. Before, you will need to provide collateral and documentation before any bank can give you loan but thanks to development in Fintech industry, you can now get loan without collateral from bank.

Types of loan offer by zentith bank

As stated above zenith bank as deferent loan product targeted at deferent customers and as such the loan product have defernt requirements, this loan product are


Zentith bank salary loan

This loan is targeted at individual or workers who are working in a reputable organisation, in this loan product you can access as much as 60% of your monthly salary for instance if you are collecting #100,000 per month you can access up to #60,000 naira loan. Unlike other bank’s salary loan you can get this loan even if you are geting as low as 10,000 naira salary.

Zentith bank overdraft

This is like salary loan but targeted at everybody, if you are a zenith bank customer you can request for an overdraft loan as long as your account is working.


The amount you can access depend on the volume of your transaction per month. The loan tenor can be as Long as 12 months depending on the amount of loan request for.

Zentith bank MSME loan

Another loan product from zenith bank is; MSME loan targeted at small business, in this type of loan you can access as much as 2 million naira for a duration of 1 year and the interest rate is 9% per annum.

SME women loan

This loan is targeted at woman entrepreneur who are currently running buisess. You can access up to 10 million loan in this product and the loan period can be as long as 2 years with 9% interest rate per annum. The loan is only given to woman in SME category.

Local purchase order

This is for large companies who already have oder to supply goods to a another company or business. For instance if you receive a purchase order from another company but do not have resource to make the product you can go to zenith bank and request for this loan and ofcourse you must have been with zenith bank for at least 6 months.


Term loan

This is a loan for any type of business , and you can use the money for any purpose. The loan can come with long pay back period or short pay back period depending on the amount of loan requested.

Export and import loan

This loan is for those in the business of export and import. It is deferent and not together I.e there is import loan for importer and export loan for exporter.

The requirements for this loan can be much, they may have to check some of your exporting or importing document before you can access the loan.


This is not actually a loan. It is for business or company that want to buy machine or equipment but do not have the money to do so, you can request for a lease from zenith bank, they will help you buy it while you pay back the money instalmentally. Before you can access this loan you must have a working and recognise buisness.

Project finance

This is a loan for project, if you have a project you need to complete or start you can approach zenith bank and request for a project finance, they will provide the money while you pay back the loan with interest.

How to apply for zenith bank loan

There are two way you can take to apply for zenith loan; you can either vistit their bank if your loan falls into business loan but for salary and overdraft you can do so from your phone by dailing the code *966# from your phone, it is quick and does not take time.

Eligibility for zenith bank loan

For small loan like salary and overdraft you only need to have account with zenith bank but it must be at least six months old.
For other loan categories you might need the following documents

  • Bussines plan
  • Statement of account
  • CAC (Corporate Affairs Commision) document
  • Valid means of identification
  • Address such as email, house address

How long dies zenith bank loan application take?

For short term loan it is within 24 hrs and sometimes instant but for other loan product it might take days.

Code to borrow moey firm zenith bank and how to

As stated above the code to dial to take loan from zenith bank is *966# and this is how to do it.

Dial the code *966*00# on the sim link to your Zenith bank account

It will bring out deferent options, click on loan

If you are eligible it will bring out array of loan you can take

Click on the one you want and wait for your account to be credited.

How to pay back zenith bank loan

One of the advantage of getting loan from bank is that you don’t have to stress yourself when paying back. Zenith bank like other bank will automatically deduct their money from your bank account once there is money in it.

Question and answer

How much can I borrow form zenith bank?
The amount you can access depend on the type of loan product you are going for, but not matter how, you will get between #30,000 to#20,000,000 loan.

What is the interest rate of zenith bank?
Their interest rate also depend on type of loan taken but it is usually 9% per annum.

Does zenith bank require collateral?

For short term loan like overdraft and salary loan they don not require collateral or documentation but for long term loan like SME, MSME and other buisnes loan you are require to provide collateral and documents.

How do I know if am eligible?

If youvjave not deafuoted on anyvkoan before, live in Nigeria, work with reputable organisation in Nigeria. For long term koan check the above dicumet on eligibility section above.

What will happen if I did not pay back zenith loan

Usually before you can access a loan you will need to read and agree to the teem and condition of the lender, in this document you will see their penalty if defaulted, though it is usually an increase in the loan interest rate.


Above is how to get a loan form zenrih bank, though the recent development in Fintech industry as make things easy, you can now take loan as a fast as possible most time without collateral, I will advice you to take loan you can pay back to avoid embarrassment.

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