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Crowdyvest review: is Crowdyvest legit, how does it work and other questions

Saving and investment in Nigeria is just starting to boom thank to Fintech pop out here and there, before it was hard for average Nigerian to save their money or invest and banks is not helping out in that matter that is why some company like Crowdyvest take it upon themselves to start a company that will help people to save and manage their finances.

Crowdyvest did not start as a saving and investment Company, it was started as cooperative Society and expands into at what we called Crowdyvest today.


With all the different Fintech we have in Nigeria today most of them are ploughing the same field and this beget a question are they legit? Is Crowdyvest legit? Will my money be save with them?

The recent activities of scammers who use investment scheme as shield is not helping the matter what of the activities of CBN that drove some company like Banboo and the likes out of business.


The question still remain the same is Crwodyevst legit or safe? This and other questions you might have about Crowdyvest will be answer in detail in this article. But we want you to know that this is not a paid review we might say thing not the way you want it, just take it like that.

What is Crowdyvest?

Crowdyvest started as cooperative society that helps its member to manage their finances, they have their presence in Lagos Island. It later metamorphosis into an investment and saving platform whose target is only Nigerian.

Is Crowdyvest legit and safe?

Crowdyvest is registered in Nigeria as a cooperative society with a presence in Lagos and they have been in business for a long time, though they just open up to populace which signify that they are legit. Countless of people have save, invest and withdraw from the platform.

On the issue of safe Crowdyvest is PCIDSS compliance which means they encrypt their user financial data such that nobody can see them including Crowdyvest itself. Your saving and investment is also insured so you have nothing to fret about.


Is Crowdyvest licensed by SEC

In 2021 there was a cease and desist by SEC (Security Exchange Committee) to Crowdyvest which shows that they are not licensed by the sec at the time of writing this review, though they later settle this but currently no document, memo or news show that they are licensed by sec, though they partner with companies that are regulated by SEC.

How does Crowdyvest make money?

The first question from a reasonable man is how did company they want to save and invest their money with make money.

Crowdyvest make their ow money from the fee deducted when their customer withdraw their money (including saving and investment interest) and also they make money through the exchange rate on Dollar saving, yes you can exchange your money to dollar and save it with them.

How to save and invest with Crowdyvest

The first step to take is to download their app on play store or login into their website and register. There are three main features on Crowdyvest with which you can use to save your money and they are


In vault plan you will save your money for minimum of three month and the interest will be paid upfront but know that you can’t withdraw the money until the speculated time. The interest on the vault plan can go as high as 15% depending on the length of saving

Naira flex

In this feature you are allow to save in naira for specific period of time and the interest rate can go as high as 12.5%

Dollar flex

This is the best option, here you can converts your money in naira to dollar and save it for a stipulated time, the interest on it can also go as high as 12.5%, but the exchange rate is not the same with current exchange I reckon that is one of the way they make their money.

Sometime there will be unforeseen emergencies that will warrant you to spend cash, but what to do when you have lock your money with Crowdyvest ,to prevent this crowdyvest allow their customer to withdraw their earning at a certain times of the year which are

  • First day of February
  • First day of April
  • First day of June
  • First day of August
  • First day of October

If you want to withdraw on any day apart from these days, you will be charge 2% of the money you want to withdraw.


Investing is also called sponsoring on crowdyvest and you can do it with minimum of #20,000 naira. Sponsoring on crowdyvest is in two ways and they are

Pool sponsoring

Here you leave your fund in the hand of crowdyvest like many others, crowdyvest will pool the resources together and invest in a project on your behalves, the interest rate here can ago as high as 20%.


Here you take your destiny into your hand, you will be given different option to investing in like agriculture, real estate, health and many more, you will invest solely by yourself. The interest rate can go as much as 40%

Can I lose my money with Crowdyvest?

As at the time of writing this article, the answer is yes, you can lose your money, especially if you are investing in project yourself.

I want you to know that crowdyvest does not utilize your money themselves, they partner with third party and when a third party is involve I’m sure you know what can happen; they can default or their business go down.

Note the minimum duration of sponsoring is 4 months and the minimum amount you can invest is #20,000


How much interest does Crowdyvest offers

The interest rate crowdyvest offer depend on the amount you save, your saving plan and the duration of your saving, all in all the interest rate ranges from 12.5% to 25%.

Is crowdyvest legit: final thought

I will advise you to save and invest what you can lose with them, try them out with small money and see for yourself.

I want you to know that Fintech is a new arena in Nigeria and Africa entirely it will be good for you to take caution and invest what you can lose.

Most of this investment company will be hammer by SEC and CBN before everything will become normal, it won’t be good if your money go down with any of this company so thread carefully.


Above is the review of Crowdyvest we have done our part it is left for you to make your decision, the ball is now in your court.

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