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Piment Doux serum and cream review: Side effect, how to use and more

Piment doux cream is one of the best cream when skin lightening is concern.

Pimex doux will effortlessly clean your dark spot and leave your skin moisturise and tone. It is manufactured in Cameron and comes in a yellow color.


Types of Piment doux product

Piment doux product line is three, I will advice you to use this product together if you want a better result.

These three product are

  • Piment doux face cream/lotion
  • Piment doux serum
  • Piment doux soap

The three product are doing the same job albeit at a deferent degree. The cream will lighten your skin but at a slow rate and your dark spot might not vanish as you want.

The serum has more power it will remove your dark spot quickly and lighten your skin but it is known to cause sunburn because it does not comes with a sunscreen chemical.

The soap is just to complement the cream and lotion, the major effect of the soap is to keep your body moisturise and give you a lovely smell.

Benefit of Piment Doux

Below ae the benefit of using pime Doux product


It clear dark spot
If you are looking to clear a dark spot in your body or lighten the semi cover part of your body like armpit, elbow, knee and knuckles Piment doux is your best bet, just apply the serum on this dark sport two time in a day and you will see it wonders

Clear pimples

With piment doux you can bid bye bye to pimples, if you use it regularly you will find no pimple on your face.

But note, Piment doux does not get rid of pimple in your blood it only clear the face therefore the moment you stop using the cream pimples will come out back.

The best way to clear pimples is to use drug

It lighten Knuckle and knee
If you are tired of your dark knuckle or it irritate you, use piment doux serum it will lighten it and make your skin the same in every part.

It clear your sunburn
Sunburn that might be cause by cream or staying too long in the sun will be cleared if you use Piment doux. Once you start applying the cream your skin colour will be even

Piment doux side effect

There is noting that has advantage that does no have disadvantages. Below are the side effect of piment doux

It causes sunburn
Though you can use piment doux to clear sunburn it also causes sunburn if care is not taking.

The reason for this is that it does not come with sunscreen chemical. The only way out of this is to use the cream or serum in the night or early in the morning.

Skin peeling
Once you start using Piment doux you will notice that your skin will start peeling, this as a result of chemical called Alpha hydroxy acids. The skin peeling will stop as you continue to use the product so, there is no need to fret

Skin flaking
Another side effect of Piment doux is that it causes flaking, you might find chip like scale on your body if you have sensitive skin or if you apply the cream too much or stand a lot in the sun.

If your work is outdoor I will advice you to mix this product with another cream.

It affect Sensitive skin
There has been deferent complaints from people with sensitive skin therefore if you have a sensitive skin the best bet is to mix the cream with another less potent cream.

It will work, that is what i do when I started noticing some effect of the cream on my skin.

Piment doux serum ingredients

Below are the ingredients that make up piment doux cream

Fruit Acids, Exfoliating Essence, Lavender Essential Oils, Lemon-Parsley, Coenzyme Q10, Collagen Elastin, Vitamin A, Vitamin E and D.

Question and Answer

How to apply piment doux cream or serum
For the cream gently rub it on your skin early in the morning or late in the night when you want to sleep.

For the serum locate the dark sport you want to clear and apply it, also use in the morning or late in the night. If you have a sensitive skin mix the serum or the cream with another cream .

How to know Piment doux fake and original
Original Piment doux comes in a yellow colour and it is made in Cameron. The inscription on it is in French. The fake Piment doux cream is kind of watery and the yellow is pale instead of light.

Is Piment doux a bleaching cream
Yes, Piment doux is a bleaching cream. It will lighten your skin and give a yellow colour. Note that Piment doux will not whitening your body it only light it.

Does piment doux contain hydroquinone
No, piment doux does not contain hydroquinone

Does Piment doux causes stretch mark
Yes, If you have a sensitive skin. You can solve this by mixing Piment doux with another cream or better still apply the cream late in the night or early morning.

Is Piment doux good for face
Yes, it is very good for face, you will have light face with no pimples.

How good is pimet doux serum
Piment doux serum is very good, it will clear off your dark sport and light your knee, elbow and knuckles.

Prime doux serum and cream price in Nigeria
Piment doux serum  and cream price is between #6,500 to #8,000

Where to buy piment doux cream in Nigeria
To buy the product head over to konga or jumia


Piment doux is one of the best lightening cream in Africa, it will make your face smooth and give your face the colour it deserve.

Though it has a lot of benefit it also has side effect which you can curtail if you stick to the advice in this post.

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