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Oraimo power bank Price: 10000mha and 30000mha price in Nigeria

Oraimo brand continue to take competitor by surprise, no body no how they create a quality product that last long and perform it function efficiently. From air pod, to charger and now power bank oraimo keep surprising people.

Thanks to oraimo power bank we can now stop wailing about epileptic power supply in Nigeria, with oraimo power bank at your side, you don’t need to fear, those that have business online will appreciate this fact more.


This article is about oraimo power bank price from 10,000mha, 30,000mha and 50000mha and not only that you will also read about the features of these power bank that make them better than any known power bank brands in Nigeria.

How much is oraimo 10000mha power bank in Nigeria

When oraimo started producing power bank it use 10000mha to see the reaction of Nigerians and what a superb product, many people buy the power bank at large.


It affordability make it the most use power bank in Nigeria.

The price of oraimo 10000mha power bank in online shop like jumia and konga is between #5,000 to #6,000 in Nigeria.

If it is offline it is within the range of #6,000 to #6,500.

To order from jumia click here


How much is oraimo 30000 mha power bank in Nigeria

Oraimo 30,000mha power bank is a heavy power bank, with a full charge, it will charge a 4000mha phone four times. Since it release many people have been making order and it might soon surpass oraimo 10,000mha in sale.

Oraimo 30000 power bank Price is between #16,000 to #17,000 on jumia or konga. While in offline shop you might see it at #17,000 to #18,000

To buy from jumia click here

Oraimo 50000mha price in Nigeria

This is a very heavy power bank, you should go for this if the power supply in your location is very worst. This power bank will charge a phone of 5000mha more than 8 times.

On jumia and konga you will see the price between #46000 to #52,000

To buy from jumia click here

Features of oraimo power bank

Below are the features that make oraimo power bank brand better than the rest.

Fast charging
Try to use oraimo power bank to charge your phone and you will be surprise at the speed with which your phone will charge. Oraimo power bank comes with a small usb chord that fasten the charging process

Type c port
Oraimo power bank has a type c port which mean you don’t need to borne extra cost for buying normal USB or charger. It comes with both type c chord and normal one.

It is a known fact that oraimo product last long, their power back is no exception, you can use it for more than 2 years without developing fault. I’ve been using my own for more than a year now and it s still doing its job.

Oraimo power bank comes in white and black colour, with a sleek design that make it easy to pocket or put in a container. The design also make it easy to clean if dirty.

Oraimo have deferent power bank for different users. With #6,000 you will get a quality 10,000mha power bank.

How to know original oraimo power bank

To know original oraimo power bank is not hard, every oraimo product always comes with a bar code. Login to oraimo website and scan the barcode, if it is original the website will pop up the detail of that power bank, if it is fake it will not show anything.


There are now fake oraimo power bank out there to buy original one order form jumia or Konga and have a rest of mind. You can click one of the link above to order your oraimo power bank.

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