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lux soap review: side effect, benefit and price

If you are looking for cheap yet quality soap lux soap is your best bet. It will make your skin smooth and soft. It will also make your skin smell nice.

It does not bleach and does not light skin it will only maintain skin complexion. If you are dark don’t expect to be light using this soap. It will moisturise your skin and prevent it from dryness.


Iux soap is very good in cleaning up skin, it will clear up the dirt on your skin surface, and make it clean. It will also go in to the skin pores and clean it up. The soap is very cheap with #500 or $11 you will buy the soap.

There are also fake of this product out there so buy from a reputable source to prevent buying fake ones.


This article is all about lux soap, side effect,benefits and other question you might have about the soap

Benefit of lux soap

Most of the benefit of this soap has been stated in introduction, it will only be expatiate further in this section

It clean up your skin
The major job of soap is to clean up skin. Lux soap does it perfectly, it will remove impurities form your skin including dead skin cell. It also go deeper in to the skin pores and clean it up thereby preventing formation of skin problem.

It prevent and cure skin problem


If you use this soap before you have skin infection, it will keep your skin whole and clean, no infection will come near you. It also cure mild infection on your skin but if the infection is more than mild you will need to use another product

It moisturize your skin

Lux soap will moisturise your skin, you will never experience skin dryness and skin flakiness. It will refresh your skin at all time it does this by conserving skin moisture.

Side effect of lux soap

Below are the side effect you might experience when using this soap

This is not common, you might experience irritation for the first two weeks of using the soap, especially if you have a sensitive skin. It will later go away but if it does not you should drop the soap.

If you have a light skin you might exprence sunburn, the soap does not come with sunscreen that can protect skin, the solution to this is to complement the soap with sunscreen cream.

It dry out skin
Some people complain that the lux soap they are making now, dry out skin quickly, though this is not common it might be that lux sopa ingredients have been tampered with considering the fact that it is now been made in China

How to use lux soap

Lux soap is like any other soap out there, to use it, rub the soap with water on your hand or sponge such that it form lather, massage it on your skin gently. To have perfect result wash your hand before you use the soap.

Question and Answer

Does Lux soap contain hydroquinone
Hydroquinone is a bleaching ingredient, lux soap does not contain it

Is lux soap bleach the skin
No, lux soap is not a bleaching soap

How good is lux soap
Lux soap is very good it will make your skin smooth and soft

Is lux soap good for dark skin
Yes the sopa is good for dark skin and other skin types

Price of lux soap in Nigeria
Price of lux soap in Nigeria is betweens #200 to #600 depending on the seller and the location

Where to buy lux soap in Nigeria
To buy original lux soap head over to jumia or amazon

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