Cottage fresh soap: Benefit, does it bleach

Cottage fresh is one of the best lightning soap you can lay your hand on, it will not bleach your skin but light it up uniformly such that you have uniform complexion. All the harden part of your skin like elbow and knee will also be light up.

Cottage fresh soap has an anti bacterial property, it will wipe out skin problem like melasma, freckles, pimples, dark heads and others. And you know what it does this very fast. It will make your skin smooth and devoid of soon infection.

It will moisturise your skin thereby preventing skin dryness. Also it has cleansing effect, it will clean up the dirt on your skin, including dead skin cell and also go down to skin pores to clean it up.


Cottage fresh soap is price between #1,000 to #2,000 in Nigeriaigeria depending on your location and the seller. there are fake of this product out there so buy from a reputable source.

Benefit of cottage fresh soap

Below are the benefit you will enjoy if you use this soap

Light up skin
Cottage fresh soap will exfoliate your skin so as to give way to new and light skin. It does not bleach the skin but light it up uniformly. Cottage fresh soap does not waste time within 3 weeks of using the soap, you will start noticing positive changes.


It clear dark spot
Another benefit of this soap is that it will clear up your dark spot and make it smooth. It will light the ace up such that it become even with the rest of the skin.

Moisturise your skin
Cottage fresh soap help to conserve skin moistures and this help to prevent skin dryness and flakiness. This conserve moisture also help to refresh skin at all time.

It clear of skin problem
Cottage fresh soap have anti bacterial property, skin problem like melasma, freckles, dark head pimples and others will be wipe out if you use this soap and it will clear it very fast.


Side effect of cottage fresh soap

Cottage fresh soap does not have much side effect except the following

This is common for black skin people, you might experience discoloration for the first 4 week of using the soap, it will later go away but if it does not you should drop the soap.

Green vein
You can get green vein if you use this soap for a long time, the solution to this is to take a break from the soap.


Yes you can get sunburn from this soap, the solution to this is to get a cream that have sunscreen and stay away form the sun.

How to use cottage fresh soap

Rub the soap on your palm or sponge such that it form lather, apply this lather to your skin gently and rinse it off. To have perfect result wash your hand before you us the soap so as to prevent contamination.

Cottage fresh soap ingredients

Below are the ingredients that makes up cottage fresh soap
Plantain Skin Ash, Cocoa Pod Ash, Palm Kernel oil, Vitamin E, Palm Oil, Coconut Oil, Shea Butter Pods, Water


Question and Answer

Is cottage fresh soap good for dark skin
Yes, it is good for dark skin and other skin types

Does cottage fresh soap contain hydroquinone

No, it does not contain hydroquinone


Does cottage fresh soap bleach
No, it does not bleach

How good is cottage fresh soap
Cottage fresh soap is very good, it will light up your skin and make it smooth.

Is cottage fresh soap good for stretch mark
Yes, it is good for strech mark


Is cottage fresh soap good for fair skin
Yes, it is good for fair skin

How to know original cottage fresh soap
Original cottage fresh soap is hard to detect your best bet is to buy from reputable source.

How much is cottage fresh soap
It is price between #1,000 to #2,000 depending on the seller and the location


Where to buy cottage fresh soap in Nigeria

To buy original cottage fresh soap, head over to jumia

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