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How to start affiliate marketing in Nigeria

Affiliate marketing is not new, I’m sure you would have been hearing from friends or reading it online, though it might look like a lie or fraud especially those bring people earn more marketing.

Affiliate marketing is not like that it is a money milking machine that only require your time and effort, your earning depend solely on you.


There are countless testimonies of people who started the business with noting and has now become millionaire. If you are planing to go into but afraid of failing thinking it might be like other online business, please do not be afraid, i gurantee you will make a lot of money from this business provided that you are ready to work and reinvest into the business.

One of the reason it is better than other online business is that you have option to chose from foreign affiliate such as Amazon, Aliexpress and local affiliate such as Jumia and konga. Also it is easy to withdraw your earning from affiliate network unlike other online business.


Let cut the crap

Your reason for reading this article is to learn step by step guide of affiliate marketing in Nigeria, if I’m right, well you have come to the right place as I will be guiding you through the process of creating profitable affiliate marketing business in Nigeria.

But before we go into it I will like you to read and take note of the following.

What is affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing in simple term means promoting merchant product to potential customer.


Remember when you buy quality product; a top notch product you will want to recommend it to your friends and family or when people ask for your recommendation about two similar product which you have used before, what you did there is called affiliate marketing just that you didn’t get paid for it.

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Players in Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is made possible because of the players in it, imagine if there is no producer or affiliate program, you will have noting to market. These players are


These are the industrialist/merchant who produce product that marketer like yours will recommend to their fans. Their job is to produce quality product and hand it promotion over to affiliate network.

Affiliate network/program

This is a pool of deffernet producer who seek to increase their sale through recommendation. They are the connector and determinant, while they did not produce or engage in market they make the most money in affiliate industry.

Affiliate marketer

This is you, your job is to take the promotional offers of producer listed in affiliate network to consumer. Most time before affiliate marketer promote a product they would have checked its review and sometimes used it so as not to loose credibility in the face of their fans well, only serious affiliate marketer do that though.

Most time you can ditch affiliate network and face producer/ merchant for instance most of the affiliate marketing in Nigeria have this chain Merchant — Marketer — Consumer

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Finally, the second determinant, these are people that will use the product been promoted by the market.

If the affiliate marketer is a celebrity or a domain authority they will have no problem selling their affiliate product even if the product has low quality.

This is because fans are die hard they will consume anything just for the sake of their celeb or domain authority. But if the promoter does not have a loyal fans their best bet is to promote high demand and quality product.

CPA and other related affiliate marketing

Though many people regard CPA as affiliate marketing I don’t, remember our definition of affiliate marketing as recommending product to consumer. CPA which means cost per action is not like that, here you refer people to a survey or questionnaire with meagre commission.


Cost Per Click is an affiliate marketing program but instead of recommending product you recommend a website and when people click it you will earn your commission, it is similar to google AdSense.

Pay per call is mostly use by consultant, here you recommend phone number to.people that need it for instance you have a marriage or family blog you can refers your traffic to the phone number for counseling. If done right you will always smile to bank because commission for PPC is very much.

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Pay per lead is another affiliate program that require you to send traffic to a lead for instance you can send traffic to company who need email or phone number for marketing purposes, while the pay is good it does not last like product affiliate, because those company rarely come back.

Why you should chose Affiliate Marketing business

I understand you might have been born by the failure of your previous online business, this might make you look at affiliate marketing with the same eye. To avoid this I will like to tell you the reason you should do affiliate marketing.

1) scalability

Scalability is the ability of business to grow rapidly with little or no capital and efforts other than the initial capital and effort. Affiliate marketing is highly scalable you can 10x your earning in month with just little effort as long as you keep engagiy your audience.

2) Passiveness

Affiliate marketing is passive business, do you know want that means; you can be on your bed and still be earning, your earning time has no band.

You Will agree with me that this is typical example of stay at home business. You will have freedom to travel to anywhere, isn’t that good?

Requires little capital
With #30,000 you can set up a traffic source that can earn you #10 million per year, traffic source like blog (You can rely on us to help you set up your blog, contact us) social media, forum e.t.c.

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Steps to starting affiliate business in Nigeria

Niche Niche Niche

The first step in affiliate marketing is to chose a niche and not just any how niche it must be profitable niche.

Ask yourself what topic interest you most, list them on a paper according to most interesting, then compare them with bellow profitable niche, if you find correlation pick that niche that interest you.

Health and fitness




Business and finance

Weight loss


Make money online


Reason for this is that you need to chose a niche you like such that in the face of failure you will be able to create contet, becauseause the back bone of affilite marketing is traffic and the best method of getting traffic is content, yes content is king in this business, so pick your most interesting topic that correlated with one of the profitable niche.

Set up your traffic source
By now you should have a traffic source and if not you still have time to set it up. Do you want to promote your affiliate product on social media if yes build loyal fans, if it is blog set up your blog (you can contact us to help you set up your blog), if it is paid traffic set up your Google and Facebook ads or whatever ads you want to use.

Join affiliate network/program
This can be tiresome as there are many affiliate program you can chose from but let the following guide you in choosing affiliate program

1)Make sure your affiliate program relate with your traffic source for instance if your blog is about tech guide, pomote product that relate with tech such as phone or laptop.

2)Make sure there is ease of payment

3) You don’t need money to register on affiliate program if you encounter any that require money run from it.

4) Choose affiliate program that will give you room to promote product that you like.

Create Content!!
If you chose blog or social media as your traffic source, create quality content that will wow your audience. This will set you as a domain authority.

If you use blog, write long content that will make reader lose conscious of time, in short give them something valuable.

If it is social media create short but engaging content, you can also make use of humor, anything that will make them want more from you.

Some of the content you can create are

1) How to article
2) listicle such as Top ten bla bla,
3) guides
4) Case study
5) short video
6) comedy video
7) Review
8) Tutorial
9) Guides
10) pictures

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Create clickable link
You will generate this from your affiliate program, make sure you but the link to where it will convert, such as beginning of content or the end, this are the two places people will not scroll pass.

Keep creating content
The more content you write the higher the number of people that will see your content and affiliate links, if you are using blog make sure you optimise your content for SEO so as to have organic traffic from search engines.

Affiliate marketing program in Nigeria

Jumia affiliate program

Konga affiliate program

Payporte Affiliate program

Betnaija affiliate program

Travel start affiliate program

Wakanow affiliate program

Whogohost affiliate program

Web4africa affiliate program

Foreign affiliate program

Jumia affiliate program

Aliexpress affiliate program

Payoneer affiliate program

Bluehost affiliate program

Challenges and solution of affiliate marketing

It require patients
At the start it will be like noting is working, please be patient that how it is in this industry, until you have traffic source you won’t make anything, so build your audience and be patient.

Trial and Error
You need to fnd out what work for you, To make it in Affiliate marketing you need to find product that your traffic or fans need at a particular period of time.

Some affiliate program do not accept Nigerian
Some foreign affiliate program like click bank does not accept Nigerian for reason known to them while those who accept Nigeria rarely convert unless you are targeting tier 1 country.

Focus on Nigeria affiliate program such as jumia, it will save you the headaches.


To make it in affiliate marketing do not miss any step above and try as much as possible to set up your blog, it is the best traffic source.

Question and answer

Is affiliate marketing easy?
Every business is hard but if you can put your best into affiliate marketing you will make it and not only that, you will make it big.

Does Click Bank work in Nigeria?
Click bank does not work in Nigeria, though you can get into click bank with VPN but not advisable.

How do I become affiliate marketer in Nigeria?
To become affiliate marketer do this

Have a source of traffic

Grow the traffic with content or ads

Join affiliate network

Put your affiliate link in your content

Does Nigeria affiliate marketing pay?
Yes sure, some are even paying as much as 10 percent on product. They pay well and they pay in Niara, there is no need to set up domicualry account.

What are the things you need as an affiliate marketer?
You need traffic source such as
Social media
YouTube cahaneel
And quality content (for SEO content that will drive traffic to your blog contact us)

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