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Paid online surveys site in Nigeria (earn money quickly)

We have again come with a side hustle; this time around we want you to utilize your free time to make money.

Instead of playing game or watching video you can be making small money with survey site and this can help your business (including job) especially if you are just starting out, we all know how cash strap it use to be.


Though there a lot of paid online survey site in Nigeria most of them do not accept Nigeria and the reason for this is not farfetched thanks to yahoo guys who keep destroying our image in foreign countries and apart from yahoo guys some Nigerian are plain thief once accepted into survey platform they will use dubious means to improve their earning and if caught all the Nigeria on that platform will be shown the door.

Any way we will be listing survey site that you can earn money from as a Nigeria but we want to you to know that some of this app may not allow Nigeria again as at the time of writing this article.


What are online survey site

Online survey site are platform where you can get paid by answering question posted by companies or researcher

How does survey works

This is it, using company for instance thy may want to know about how their product is doing in the market, they will go to this platform, release their question (survey) and paid them.

The platform will deduct their own percentage and pay you the survey taker your percent, simple.
Sometime the survey could be to test a site, to play games and any other test.

Paid online survey site in Nigeria

Ysense (clixsense)

Ysense is one of the best survey site that accept people worldwide and you know what they also pay well. On Ysense you do not only take survey there is a choice to perform testing and other micro task in fact it is a hub of small task.


The amount to be made on this platform depend on the number of task you are able to take per day though the survey is country specific you will surely see a survey to take at least once in a day and if you are lucky to see testing survey you will earn much. The secret of Ysense is to check regularly, most of the survey are country limited.

To receive your payment set up Payoneer or skill account and from there you can transfer it to your local account.


Swagbuck is also worldwide. On swagbuck you can take survey as well as watch video, play games, and many more, in fact with just a logging you will be given a reward. Over the year it has attracted positive review from internet users which make it one of the legit survey site in the world.

Once you complete a survey you will be paid in point and you can convert this point to cash or amazon gift card, one off the thing I don’t like about the platform is that they do not accept payonee or skrill but anyway you can use paypal to cash out.


Paidviewpoint is another paid online survey site that accept Nigeria, once you sign up to the platform you will be given a reward of 1 dollar and not only that there is also a referrer program and when the person you refer cash out there is a percentage that will be go to you.

Their focus is majorly on survey and the more you take survey the more your trait score will increase and the more it increase the more you will be given worthy survey.
They are available for people worldwide , the minimum withdraw is $15. If you do it every day it won’t be long when you will start earning more than that threshold per month.


Surveysavvy is an old man in survey industry they started as far back as 1999 when most people don’t even know what internet is. Like other listed above they take survey from researchers or company and give out to survey taker.

Survesavvy run a deferent model compare to other; instead of going to their platform every day, you will be send a notification once a survey is available. Their payment threshold is 1% and they also have referring option where you can make more money.

The only bad thing about Surveysavvy is that they pay in ussd but they only pay in check which usually take a lot of time to arrive up to 2 weeks sometimes, but be rest assure that they pay.

Survey time

Suevry time is one the best survey site out there, people nick name them instant survey, there is nothing like waiting all month or till you reach a threshold before you can cash out. With survey time you will be paid immediately you finished a survey with prefer payment method.


Toluna is a popular survey brand, at least we have mention them more than five times in startuppreneur. They allow people worldwide and there have been evidence of people cashing out from the platform. If you choose this platform your job is to answer mostly research based question and test website or app.

Toluna pay in point and once you reach a threshold you can redeem it to money or material, by just signing up you will be given 500 point and you can earn more by referring people.

Time bucks

On time bucks you not only perform survey, you have option to test app, make web searches, play game, what video and many more.

Time bucks is one of the best survey site to make money as you will always find a something to do on the platform.

They pay in cash, gift card and you can receive your money with paypal , payoneer, skrill and many other. Their payment threshold is $10 once you reach it you can place withdraw , it won’t take long before you will receive it in your preferred payment method.

To earn more on time bucks you can join their referrer program.


Mobrog is also a big brand in survey industry. The survey you will be answering here is mostly science survey so if you have what it takes go ahead and sign up.

You can also earn more by referring your friends and they are available to all the people in the world.

The only problem with survey time is that you can’t receive your payment with payoneer or skrill you are left with PayPal or turning it into Amazon gift card.

Tmg panel

Tmg panel is a best buck survey, meaning you will end more with this platform but there are two problem it is hard to get survey since their survey is country based. The payment method is gift card which you can use to buy product on ecommerce website like amazon.
There payment threshold is $10 worth of gift card.

Price rebel

Like other platform listed above Price rebel also paid people to answer survey and as well as other micro work activities. It is one of the best platforms with minimum pay out which stand at $5 but they pay only into PayPal account.

You can make more by referring your friends.

Offer Nation

Here is another survey site that allows people to cash out with skrill. They are one of the best survey available to Nigeria in term of ease of use, speed of sending payment and payment threshold, you can cash out once your money reach $1. You can also withdraw by turning your money into gift card to buy product online.


On tribe you can make as much as $3 per survey and you can earn as low as $0.2 depending on the duration of the survey you are taking and the company posting that survey.

Their threshold is 7$ and you can cash out with PayPal or gift card.
One thing I don’t like about this platform is that the survey is country and invitation based, most time there won’t be an available survey. If you are looking for a serious survey site to make money I don’t advice this platform unless you just want to make use of your free time.

Wow app

While it takes time to get survey on wow app as a Nigeria there are other things that can give you money such as reading breaking news, testing app and other micro activities. In wow app there is no threshold, you can request for your money once you finish a survey isn’t that good.

If you chose this platform you will get your money through payoneer, bank transfer and mobile wallet.


As the name implies “coin” it is a survey platform where you can take survey, paly game, test site, and others but your earning will be paid in bitcoin.

It is most suitable for those that are into crypto, to withdraw your earning register with crypto trading platform and get a wallet. They also have a payment threshold which is$3.5.

Feature points

Feature point is another survey platform that pays in bitcoin but not only that you can also pay your money with PayPal.

In feature point there is myriad of micro work that can fetch you money to engage in such as taking survey, watching video, downloading video and other, they pay in point and once you reach a 3000 points equivalent to $5 you can withdraw your money.

How to earn more with the survey platform in Nigeria

Use more platforms

If you want to be serious with survey taking and make more money you need to use many platform as possible, such that when one is not giving you survey others will open up there for making more money.


Most of the survey platform push survey to people who have stay long on the platform, the more you take survey from a platform the more their algorithm will push survey that attract big money to you, so consistency matter.


You won’t start earning big form day one, it will only increase with time so be patience.

Always logging

As I stated in consistency, the more hours you in in the platform even when there is no survey the more algorithm will start taking you serious and give you more survey to answer but what to do when you don’t have luxury of time, you can’t just be staring at a white space, the solution is to download their app and any time you on your data it will log you in without you visiting the platform.

Be honest when answering survey

Don’t try to play smart like many Nigerian, answer survey as you feel, if you play smart and just put any words or make any click just so you can answer more survey their algorithm will detect and if it does you will be shown the door and you know what you might also jeopardize account of other Nigerian.


Above are the paid online survey site in Nigeria, the secret to make more money with them is sign up for their referrer program you might even be making more than you will make by answering survey, all the same make sure you have a phone and intent connection ready.

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