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Alata garden soap review: side effect, does it lighten skin

Alata garden soap is native to Ghana. It is one of the best soap in Africa, it will not bleach your skin but light it up a lightly, it will maintain your skin tone such that you have uniform complexion

This soap is your best bet if you want to have radiant skin. It does not constain harmful substance like mercury, hydroquinone and other. It is made from natural Ingredient such as plantain and cocoa, so you have noting to worry about.


It will clear off any skin problem you might have on your skin such as melasma, freckles, dark heads, pimples, white patches and others and it will do it very fast.

It will clean up your skin remove dirt and dead skin cell. It will also go down to the skin pores and remove clogs thereby making your skin smooth and soft like that of a baby.


Alata garden soap will clear off any dark spot on your skin including sun burn though it will do it gradually. It can be use by any body and any skin types including sensitive skin.

This article is all about alata garden soap: side effect, how to use and other question you might have about the soap, stay tune.

Benefit of Alata garden soap

Below are the benefit you will enjoy if you use this soap

It will moisturise your skin
Alata garden soap will moisturise your skin, conserve skin moisture, which help to prevent skin from drying out. This conserve moisture also help to refresh skin at all times.


It will maintain your skin tones
Alata garden soap will maintain your skin tones. Though it does not bleach, it will light t it up slightly. If you have dark skin do not expect this soap to light you up.

It will clean up your skin
Another benefit of this soap is that it will clean up your skin, remove dirt on your skin surface, including dead skin cell, it wil also tighten your skin pores thereby leaving your skin smooth and soft .

It eliminate body odour
If you have body odour you can bid it bye this soap will make your skin smell nice ams get rid of body odour.

It will clear of skin problem
If you have skin problem like melasma, freckles, dark heads, pimples and others, this soap will clear them off.

Side effect of Alata garden soap

Below are the side effect you might encounter while using this soap

It might make you dark
If you have fair skin, this soap might make you dark. The solution to this is to use it with lightening cream.

Pimples outbreak
At the first two weeks of using this soap you might get pimples out break it will later go away but if it does not you should drop the soap.

How to use Alata garden soap

Rub the soap with a sponge or your palm such that it form lather, massage this lather on your skin and rinse with water then apply moisturizer.

Alata garden soap Ingredients

Below are the Ingredient that makes up Alata garden soap

plantain peels and/or cocoa pod, red palm oil, coconut oil, sea salt, and cocoa butter or Shea butter. Agoa bark, oils, and fragrances.

Question and Answer

How good is Alata garden soap
Alata garden soap is very good, it will clean up your skin, moisturise it and clear of any skin problem you might have.

Does Alata garden soap contain hydroquinone
No, it does not contain hydroquinone

Does Alata Garden soap bleach the skin
No, it does not bleach the skin

Does Alata garden soap lighten the skin
Yes it lighten the skin but it does it gradually

Price of Alata garden soap in Nigeria
It is price between #1,000 to #1,500 depending on the seller and your location

Where to buy Alata garden soap in Nigeria
To buy original Alata garden soap head over to jumia

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