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How to start Profitable Akara Business in Nigeria

Beans cake as many people would like to call it is one of the common food in Nigeria due to it broad usefulness, as it can be eaten alone it can also be combine with many food such as bread, palp and gari. The food as been in existence for a long time it is one of the food that always go on with trends.

Taking Akara frying as business is good and lucrative but most entrepreneur don’t know this they see it as business for poor people funny enough this so called poor people are making what most educated people will make in a month just in a day, Yes that’s how profitable it is.


Now that I’ve raised your interest the next thing on your mind will be how to start Akara business, right?. Well the setup is not hard once you can follow below steps, but before we go into the steps I will like you to take note of the following

Equipment needed for Akara business

Most of the equipment needed for Akara business can be taken from your home at a start or purchase from your local store. Below are the equipment you will need.


Frying pan

Gas cooker






Long spoon

Mortal and pistol



Ingredients needed for making Akara

Ingredients needed can also be easily gotten from your local store, below are the ingredient you will need

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Vegetable oil/palm oil




Seasoning cubes

How to make Akara

Making akara is not hard especially if you are a woman but there is a type of akara that people like to buy guess what type? The rounded one, people prefer round akara to flat isn’t that a surprise and funniest part the flat one may be better in taste than the round one but that is customer for you.

Below is how to make commercial akara that your customer will love

1).  Leave your beans inside water for sometime and peel it till all the coat is gone.

2). Rinse pepper, onion and add it to the beans.

3).  Then grind it with machine or mortal and pistol.

4).  This is the secret of making rounded Akara.

5) .After grinding, steer it for some time such that it become thin.

6). To check if it has become thin enough put little inside water, if it float then it is thin enough if not you have to continue, the lord is your strength.

7). Pour vegetable oil on fire with some sliced onion, after 10 minutes you can start frying akara.

8).  To have equal size you can use a measurement.

If you follow all the steps, you will make yourself and customers a rounded Akara.

Capital needed to start Akara business

Every business require capital to start akara business is not left out but what make it deferent is that you can actually start akara business with capital as low as #50, 000 because most of the equipment can be source from your kitchen.

But if you want to start a large scale akara business you will need up to #200,000 to establish it because you will need to beautify your shop to attract large pocket customers.

How profitable is Akara business

Akara is a profitable business such that you can make more than 30,000 per month on 50, 000 capital but before you can make this you have to be strategic what I mean is that there are specific time when you sell more, it is this time you need to target.

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For instance people tend to buy more in the morning and night while in the afternoon the sell will reduce.

Steps to starting Akara business in Nigeria

Feasibility study

Though it has been proven time without number that akara business is a lucrative business yet you need to carryout feasibility study, it will show you how feasible your business is in your propose location.

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So go out there, interview people who are likely to become your customer, know their purchasing power this will enable you to know how to price your akara.

For instance if your target customer are the rich, your price should start from #100 if less than that they will think it is a substandard goods. For the middle class you need to lower your price or else they won’t patronize you.


This is part of feasibility study, but I will like to hammer it again, location you choose to set up your business will make or mar your business, make sure you choose an high traffic source or near traffic source unless you want to make an on demand akara business where people order and you deliver.

Register your business

If you want to own a modern akara shop that will be patronize by educated people you need to register your business with CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) this will make them trust your business, I’m sure you know issue surrounding food business, people are no longer buy food outside because of uncleanliness of some food vendor, so try to register your business to avoid trust issue.

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Business plan

Do not set up your business like a lay man, write a business plan that will include your vision and mission for your akara business, where did you see your business in the next five years and most importantly how do you get there.

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One of the advantage of business plan is that it help you to secure loan from bank and investment from investor.

Shop/restaurant design

The world keep changing, before you can just put a container somewhere and start selling, but now if your shop is not neat and well designed people will not look your side.

If you are starting large scale Akara business design and designate a place where people can eat, once your Beans cake is yummy and clean people that can’t carry Akara around will start eating in your place.

Increase your profit

To maximise profit you can couple akara with a lot of product such as palp, akamu, yes people stil eat this food just that they can’t cook it themselves other products are drinks (soft or hard), yam and bread.


If you do your feasibility study well, marketing should not be a problem for you because you would have know your target customer and how to sell to them. Nevertheless, to get your product in front of consumer you need to make use of medium your customer can relate with.

For small scale Akara business, your best bet is



Fliers and logo

For large scale you can use above medium plus the following


Set up website (You can contact us )

Social media marketing

Google marketing

SEO marketing

Content marketing (you can contact us for quality content that will drive traffic to your site)


Akara business is a profitable business, you won’t regret venturing into it provided that you follow the steps above.

Case study: How Adejare started Akara restaurant (Fiction)

Adejare is an entrepreneur who have been burn by numerous business failure, he has already given up but his entrepreneur spirit will not, so one day he went to buy amara to pass it with garri since he has just #150 in his pocket.

He was about collecting Akara from the seller when he noticed that the Akara is cold and there are some black spot around it, it was just pure annoyance at first then suddenly his entrepreneur spirit awaken.

What if he start akara business?” He asked himself

But many people are already doing it and moreover it is only poor people that is patronizing them, as if he is talking to some one he point to all those customer around him, and yes they were people that can not afford to pay #100 for Akara.

I can’t do it jo, I’m even tired of business he said as he take his leave

But?” The spirit again

Wait!! May be this rich people would have patronize the seller if only the akara is clean and the environment is neat and…….. she can increase her revenue by selling bread, soft drink and palp.

Yeeeeee!” He shouted “baddest idea
People rushed to him asking what happen, he just laugh, they don’t know he has find a business idea, he was sure it will succeed not like those previous idea.

The following day he ask his wife to fry 20 pieces of akara.

What? She frown, where would I get the money from, she frown

Spraaaa, the sound startled Shewa, Adejare wife, she couldn’t’nt believe it Adejare just brought out #4,000 form his pocket.

Where did you get this money?”

Shhhhhh he gesture with is hand in his mouth, he won’t let her know that he borrowed it and not even for the sake of feeding but for is business idea, haaa she had told him she would tear him into pieces if she ever hear anything called business idea again thanks to the previous fail business.

God is always good” that was his short reply ‘Now will you make the akara or not?”

Yes I will, but what with this 20 akara?”

I want to proof it to my friends that you are a better cook than those food vendor.

Hen hen” she smile

Adejare packaged the akara and take it to a company near his house and to his surprise he sell all the akara and the staff were demanding for more, unlike other entrepreneur who will just go home like that, perhaps because he has failed many time before. Adajare did not, he ask one of the people what they like in his akara.

It is sweet and clean” said one of the staff

The packaging make it look like cake” said the other

Yes! He got what he wanted.

He went home and tell his wife that some people at his friends place love the akara so much that they ordered for 50 akara everyday.

Where is the money to make it?”

You can’t believe they pay upfront?”

What?, wow!! God has done it” she male a dancing steps “let me get to work

While his wife was working he was writing business plan and figuring out get loan from bank.

Like that Adejare started his Akara business from home and later have a large Akara restaurant, he went on to add other food to the Akara business. After a year he expand the business to other town and in two years he has 5 Akara restaurant.

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