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Biocort cream review: uses, price and side effect

Do you have any skin infection, biocort cream is the go to. It will clear off any skin infection on your skin such as yeast infection, melasma, skin redness, inflammatory, pimples and it does it very fast within 3 weeks you will start noticing positive changes on your skin.

Biocort cream is one of the best antifungal and antibacterial cream out there and do you know what the cream is affordable you don’t need to break bank before you will buy it.


It is sold between R80 to R 120 depending on the seller and location. But ensure you buy from reputable source to avoid buying the fake ones.

Biocort cream will clean up your skin, remove dirt and not only that it will also go down to the skin pores and remove clogs therefore preventing formation of skin infection.


The cream can be use by any skin types including sensitive skin and can be use on any part of the face but when using it on face make sure it stay on the infected part.

It will light up your skin slightly but will not bleach it. It is one of the best cream you can lay your hand on.

This article is all about biocort cream review: side effect, benefit and other question you might have about the cream

Benefit or use Of biocort cream

Below are the benefit or use of biocort cream


It clear off skin problem
The major use of this cream is to clear of skin problem and yes it does it well, in two weeks of using the cream you will start noticing positive result on your skin.

It cure redness
Skin rednes can be torn in the flesh especially if it is on the face or hand. Biocort cream will clear it up and turn yur skin back to normal but it might take time depending on your skin types.

If you are experiencing itchiness you can give this cream a try, it will stop the itchiness in maximum of two weeks. The cream is very good.

Another benefit of this cream is that it will fight off skin discoloration, though it might take time before you will see result, it will surely clear it off.

Side effect of Biocort cream

Below are the side effect you might experience while using this cream

The cream can cause rashes on sensitive skin especially for the first two week, if you detect this I will advice you to drop the cream

Pimples break out
The cream can also cause pimples brake out the solution to this is to take a breake from the cream.

How to use Biocort cream

Rub some of the cream on your skin and massage it gently to your skin. To have better result wash your hand before you use the cream and also only use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

Questions and Answer

How good is Biocort cream
The cream is very good it will clear off your skin problem and make it smooth.

Does Biocort cream contain hydroquoinone
No, the cream does not contain hydroquinone

Is Biocort cream good for sensitive skin
Yes you can use the cream for sensitive skin and other skin types

Does biocort cream contain Mercury
No, it does not contain mercury

Can biocort cream remove pimples
Yes biocort cream help to remove pimples

Can biocort cream cure yeast infection
Yes the cream can cure yeast infection and other skin problem

can biocort clear dark spot
Yes, It will clear off dark spot

Biocort cream price in South Africa
It is sold between R80 to R120 depending on your location and the seller

Where to buy biocort cream in south Africa
To buy original biocort cream head over to Amazon, Click or Dischem

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