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Owealth (Opay): Is Owealth legit, Interest rate, How to withdraw and Others

As technology continue to penetrate Nigeria financial industry, many investment company pop up left and right but most of this investment company are scam they just want to scam people of their hard earn money, they promise people outrageous interest rate.

Imagine an investment company claiming that they will pay people 90% interest rate. What a big lie!!


This scam is made possible as a result of low interest rate bank offers, but thanks to mobile apps like Opay and neo bank like Alat you can now earn more than 10% on your savings and the most interesting part of it is that it is earn per day which means you can withdraw your money anytime, isn’t that good.

What is Owealth All about

Owealth is one of the features of Opay app, a mobile app developed by the maker of Opramini. Opay app is from the same company as Opramini.


On Opay app you can transfer money, obtain loan and save. The saving feature has many plan, they are

Fixed saving

In this type of saving you will specify the day you want to withdraw your money. You will earn 20% interest rate per annum but you can not withdraw the money until you reach the day you specify.

Let say you save #100,000 for 300 days your money will increase by #20,000. You will withdraw #120,000


Safe box

This is a daily, weekly or monthly saving, you will specify the amount you want to be saving per month. This type of saving is automatic, Opay will deduct your money immediately the time you set for saving is reach.

The interest rate is 15% and you can only withdraw when you reach the month or year you set.


This is also automatic and strict. Here you will set a target and save to meet up with the target, for instance you might want to buy phone of #200,000, you will set the target for it and continue to save until you reach the target.

The interest rate on this is 17% but it is strict, you will not be able to withdraw until you reach your target.

For example, if you save #100,000 you will withdraw #117,000

Spend and save

This is not strict you can withdraw at any time. Here you will set the percentage to save when you spend( make payment, transfer on the app). The interest rate is 8% but you can withdraw at any time.


Now to the main point of this article. Here you will get 15% interest rate on your saving but you can withdraw at any time for instance if you save #100,000 the interest rate is 15,000 per annum, per day the interest rate will be #41, #287 per week and #1,230 per month.

How to invest with Owealth (Opay)

The first step to take is to download the Opay app. To do that click here, you will be given bonus of #8,150 when you use the link to sign up.

The link will take you to OPay platform where you will be ask to provide your phone number.

Let say your number is 09078689877
You will not type the first zero so it will be like this

After that it will take you to play store, download it and register. To claim your bonus you need to add money into it, even if it is just #200.

After downloading the app register with your information and login into your dashboard

Locate and click on “Finance” there you will see “loan” and “saving” section click on saving
You will be shown deferent saving plan like below picture

Owealth (Opay) Investment

Click on Owealth, terms and conditions will pop read and agree to it

Next is to fund your Owaelth account, you can do that by transferring money to your Opay account or use your debit card.

How to withdraw from Owealth (Opay)

To withdraw your money click on Owealth
You will see your earning, click on withdraw
Your money will reflect immediately on your Opay account dashboard, you can then withdraw to your bank account from there.

Note: The interest rate accrue every 24hrs,

Is Opay (Owealth) legit

Yes,/the app is legit I’m currently saving #100,000 with them. Apart from that they are regulated by CBN and insured by NDIC.

If your investment goes south CBN will hold them responsible and they will Sorel pay back
Also there are many people using the platform to save their money.

Opay Owealth investment

What is Opay Owealth interest rate

As Stated Above Opay Owealth interest rate is 15% and it accrue every 24hrs which means if you withdraw your money today, the interest of to say will not be part of your profit.

Owealth vs Bank saving

Perhaps you are still thinking of saving your money with bank, well before you do check this out

The highest interest rate that bank can give is 6% per annum and you can’t withdraw your earning any time.

A cycle of at least 1 year must pass before you can withdraw your interest plus capital. Opay (Owealth) give better offer than this and considering the rate of inflation in the country, before you will make withdraw from bank your inflation would have eat up your profit.

Let say you save #100,000 in bank at interest rate of 6%, you will get #6,000 profit at 1 year investment period.

When you invest your money price of rice is #100 per cup but when you withdraw your money it has become #150,00 per cup, that is 50% inflation rate. Your money value has reduce drastically.

What other investment app can you recommend

Another app like Opay is Alat by Wema bank, they also give better interest rate on saving, you can try them out.


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