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Mycoten cream review: for pimples, for face, benefit, and side effect

Mycoten cream is your best bet if you want to get rid of skin infection like yeast, melasma, freckles, ring worm and others. The cream works very fast withing 3 weeks of using this cream you will start noticing positive result.

It is not a moisturizer cream, it is only use to cure bacterial and fungal infection on the skin. The price of the cream is affordable with #1,000 you will buy the cream.


When I first heard of this cream I was skeptical, does this cream really clear acne? Well after many persuasion from my friends I gave this cream a try.

The result was wonderful in just four weeks of using this cream my pimples outbreak was reduce and towards the end of the second month I have smooth and soft face.


Apart from fighting skin infection the cream also clean up your skin and remove dirt from it, also it goes down to the skin pores and clean it up therefore reducing formation of skin infections. Give this cream 3 weeks and you will start noticing positive effect on your skin.

There are fake product of this cream out there so buy from reputable source, it is actually hard yo detect fake cream until use it, so try to buy from reputable sources.

This article is all about Mycoten cream; uses, how to apply it and other questions you might have.

Benefit / uses of Mycoten cream

Below are the benefit you will enjoy if you use this cream


Clear off your skin problems.
Skin problem like melasma, pimples, freckles, yeast infection and other will be clear off in 3 weeks of using this cream leaving your skin smooth and glowing like that of a baby.

This cream can also cure sunburn and dark spot on your face, if you apply it to you face it will clear dark spot and fight skin discoloration.

Fight fungal infection
Mycoten cream contain Clotrimazole, a substance that help to fight fungal infection. If you have yeast infection or any other fungal infection on your skin you can bid it bye.

It clean up your skin
The cream also clean up the dirt on the skin surface and also goes down into the skin pores to clean it up and loosen the clogs, thereby making your skin smooth and soft.

Side effect of Mycoten cream

There are no side effect of this cream
How to use / apply Mycoten cream
Rub some of the cream on your palm and apply it gently to the site of infection.

To have better result ensure your palm is clean and free from germs so as to prevent contamination.

Questions and answer

Does Mycoten cream clear pimples
Yes, the cream helps to clear off pimples and other skin problem

Can I use Mycoten cream for my face
Yes, you can use the cream for your face

What is mycoten cream use for

It is use to clear skin problem like mlelasma, yeast infection, eczma, pimples and others.

How much is Mycoten cream in Nigeria

The cream is between #1,000 to #1,500 depending on the seller and the location

Can a pregnant woman use Mycoten cream
No, the cream is very powerful it is not advisable for pregnant woman to use it

Can Mycoten cream cures yeast infection
Yes, it can cure yeast infection and other skin problem

Can mycoten cream cure eczema
Yes, Mycoten cream will clear of eczema and other skin problem

Where to buy mycoten cream in Nigeria
To buy original Mycoten cream head over to jumia

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