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Bronze tone cream review: Does it bleach, side effect and others

While there are a lot of cream in the market you will rarely see cream suitable for chocolate skin people but not any more, thanks to bronze tone cream, it makes your body creamy and smooth.

Also it keep the moisture of your body. The cream is manufacture by a company in Abidjan.


Though the manufacturer of the cream stated that it can be use by all people, that not true during our experiment will find out that the cream is most suitable for chocolate skin.

For dark skin people it will lighten them but the lightening is not complete, their knuckles, toe and armpit will be left untouched, giving them two colour.

For the light skin it doe not have any effect on them except that it might reduce their skin lightness.


Bronze tone cream ingredients

Stearic Acid, Glycerine, Cocoa Butter, Citric Acid and Honey Extracts

Bronze tone cream benefit

Below are the benefit you will get from this cream

It makes your skin creamy
If you use Bronze tone cream for at least 2 months your skin will become creamy and smooth.

Your skin will be tone to the extent that you will be wonder if it is you.

It moisturise your body

There are a lot of cream that deplete your skin moisture there for causing skin dryness and ickles.

Bronze tone cream is not like this, since it is made in Africa the manufacturer understand that we have more sunlight here, so the cream is made to keep your skin moisture.

Glowing skin
Yes, it will make your skin glow especially if you have a chocolate skin.

Side effect of bronze tone cream

Everything that has advantages will surely have disadvantages. Below are the side effect of bronze tone cream

Eczema like skin
For chocolate skin you will not see this kind of problem but for dark skin, be ready to deal with eczema.

You will have mild eczema on your body and sometime it might just be discoloration.

Dark knuckles
Bronze tone is not a bleaching cream but for dark skin people it will lighten your skin but not completely, your knuckle and toe dark skin will remain.

For light skin people, you might have a sunburn especially if you use the cream when the sun is up. To avoid this use the cream during the cool hour of the day.

Green vein
This is also for people with light skin, you might notice some green vein on your leg if you use the cream for long. The solution to this is to take a break from the cream once in a while.

How to use bronze tone cream

Gently Rob the cream on your clean palm and massage it on your body. For better result use it in the cool hour of the day.

Questions and Answer

Is bronze tone a bleaching cream
No, it is not a bleaching cream, but is can lighten dark skin

Does Bronze Tone Contain Hydroquinone?
No, it does not contain hydroquinone.

How Good Is Bronze Tone cream and Lotion
Bronze tone is a very good cream but it is perfect for chocolate skin

How to know original bronze tone cream
Check the design on the cream container, if it is in blue colour, it is original, but if it fades it is fake. People doing fake product find it hard to replicate the same design.

Is bronze tone cream good for dark skin?
Yes it is good for dark skin, but expect to have dark knuckles and toe

Is bronze tone cream good for fair skin?
Yes, it is good for fair skin. There is no really any side effect unless you have a sensitive skin

Does bronze tone lighten skin?

Yes, it lighten dark skin
Yes, it lighten chocolate skin
No, it does not lighten fair skin

How much is bronze tone cream in Nigeria?
The price of bronze tone cream is between #2,000 to #3,000 depending on the seller

Where to buy bronze tone cream in Nigeria
To buy original bronze tone cream head over to jumia or konga

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