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Zedvance loan USSD code: How to get loan from Zedvance

Zedvance is one of the loan company in Nigeria that give loan without collateral or paper work, with zedvance you can get up to #15 m loan easily, you don’t need to go to any bank by just dialing a code on your phone you are good to go

The most Interesting thing about zedvance loan is that interest rate is small imagine collecting #20,000 and paying back #21,500. The pay back period of zedvance is long up to 18 months.


Since you know all this the next thing is to know the USSD code you can dial to apply for the loan, and this is what this article is all about in addition we are going to show you zedvance loan requirements, how it works, customer care number, how to pay back your loan and other thing.

Requirement for Zedvance loan

Before you can receive a loan from zedvance you need to meet the following requirement and they are


Provide government issued I’d card

You must be above 22 years and below 55 years of age

You should have active salary account.

How to get a loan from zedvance

Below are the process you need to go through before getting a loan from zedvance


Create a zedvance account

The first stage is to create account with zedvance. Head over to the website online.zedvance.com or download moneypal app on playstore. The account creation process is not tedious you only need to provide your name, email address and password.

Note: Do not forget your password because this is what you will be using to login.

Apply for a loan
Once you login either through the website or the app you will see deferent loan offer chose one move to the next phase.

Note the loan offers have deferent interest rate, requirements and payback period so chose well. These loan offers will be explain below, after this section.

Fill in your details
Once you chose a loan package the next thing is to fill in your details such as Name, bank account no, BVN e.t.c

Have your loan
If everything goes well, you will receive your loan in the next 5 minutes or less down that.

Ensure you have not defaults on a loan before if you have your loan application may not be successful.

Types of loan offer by zedvance

Below are the type of loan offer by zedvance

Zedvance Nano loan

As the name implies “Nano” zedvance Nano is a small loan targeted at people who need loan urgently. In this loan product you can get upto #100,000 loan but as a first timer you might not get more than #10,000 but as you continue to take the loan and pay back regularly the amount you can take will increase.

The pay back period of the loan is short just 15 days

Zedvance for business

This loan is targeted at SME. In this loan produvt you can get up to #500,000 without collateral or paper work.

The interest rate depend on the amount of loan taken. If you’re looking foward to expand your business this the best loan for you.

Zedvance payroll loan

Zedvance payroll loan is targeted at employee of reputable organization be it public or private, for those in private sector you can get upto #5 m loan while those in public sector is 3m naira the payback period for those in private sector is 18 months while those in public sector is 24 months.

Zedvance loan USSD code

Easiest way to get loan is by dialling zedvance ussd loan code which is *561#, the step is easy just follow the prompt.

Zedvance loan interest rate.

Zedvance loan interest rate is between 2.5% to 30% per month the pay back period depend on the amount of loan request for and your risk score.

If you have been receiving and sending huge amount of money with the bank account you you submit to them they will give you high loan with less interest rate

What is zedvance loan calculator

Zedvance loan calculator will show you the interest rate and payback period on any amount of loan you want.

Repaying your zedvance loan

After obtaining a loan the nest thing is to payback, below is how to payback your zedvance loan

One of the advantage of zedvance is that you don’t need to run Hectare scatter before you pay back your loan, zedvance has a system in place, once it is the due day of your loan it will be automatically deducted from your bank

But if you want to pay the money before your due date contact them and tell them you want to payback your loan they will give you account number to pay to

Usually these are the account they use

Zedvance limited – 2534371015 – FCMB

• Zedvance limited – 0154079762 – GTbank

• Zedvance limited – 5100132957 – Heritage bank

• Zedvance limited – 1013850266 – Zenith Bank

• Zedvance limited – 0690292585 – Access bank

• Zedvance limited – 0054733517 – Diamond bank.

Note: Do not send money to this account until you receive a confirmation form their customer care which will be given below

Zedvance loan customer care

Zedvance phone no


Zedvance email
[email protected]

Zedvance loan review
Currently zedvance is doing well, it has rating of 4.+ on playstore which indicate that the company know what they are doing.

Also there has been no repot that they drag their customer online or send provocative message to their customers contact.

But all in all, take loan that you know you can payback to avoid any embarrassment whatsoever.


Above is the zedvance loan code and how to get loan from zedvance. As I stated above take loan that you can payback, if you take a wrong loan it can take you back 10 years.

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