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Yuzu gpu high vs normal: which is good

Yuzu gpu is one of the best emulator to run games on, it is very fast, the likes of Nintendo game will run well in it without friction.

If you are like me you will want to know the best setting that will give you best visual when playing game. This make me try both high and normal setting of Yuzu GPU.


This article is all about yuzu GPU: requirements, high vs normal and other question you might have about the GPU, stay tune.

Requirements for yuzu GPU

Most time the difference in both yuzu GPU setting is due to PC. If you use minimum requirement PC to run this emulator, it might slow down or have problem infact it won’t flow easily as it suppose to.


Below are the requirement for yuzu GPU


Minimum: intel i5-4430 or AMD ryzen 3 1200
Recommended: Intel i5- 10400 AMD ryzen5 3600


Minimum: 8GB RAM
Recommended: 16GB RAM

Graphics hardware

Minimum: open gl 4.6 support or vulkan 1.1
Recommended: Nvidia gforce, AmD radeon Rx Vega 56 8GB.

Yuzu GPU high setting vs normal


The major deference between this setting is the display, if you use yuzu high setting you will enjoy the game due to graphics clarity but if it is normal the game will be dull, it won’t be that smooth.


Types of PC

If you are using recommended PC you have no problem the high setting will work perfectly but if it fall under minimum PC, you might have problem if you set yuzu GPU to high it is better you leave it in normal setting.


Above is is yuzu GPU vs normal. As stated above, the major deference between this GPU setting is the type of PC, if you are using better PC that fall under recommended requirements, you can set it to high and enjoy whatever game you are running on it, but if it is minimum PC normal setting should be the go to.

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