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Uncategorized review: is it legit or scam, how does it work

Yandexee is an investment platform where you can make money. You don’t need to have skill or any knowledge just be able to use phone. With this platform you can make up to $20 dollar per day depending on the amount you invest.

Requirements to make money on Yandexee

Have phone with which to browse the platform


Have money with which to invest

Have internet connection

How to sign up and login on

To register the first step to take is to head over to the website (


Register with your name, email and other details

Once you are done with registration you will be login to your dashboard

There you will see option to invest your money

There are 8 package or plan you can subscribe to, each plan come with deferent profit.

How does yandexee work liken themselves to ecommerce where you can order. You will be given task per day which is to click the “order tab”.

As you perform this you will earn some amount but it can’t be compare to investment and also you can’t initiate withdraw until you invest.

How to invest and withdraw on yandexee

With yandexee you can invest and withdraw in usdt so you need to connect your usdt wallet to the platform. The minimum amount to withdraw is 20usdt.

When was founded

The domain name was registered on August 2022, and like many other investment platform out there, the founder of this platform is unknown.

Other way to make money form this platform
Another way to make money from Yandexee is through referral. You will be rewarded for any person you referral.

To start making money with referral you need to invest some certain amount once you do so click on “invite friend” on that menu tab, once there, copy the link and share it to your friend.

Is legit is a new investment platform therefore we can not really say if they are legit. Currently they have no negative review on the Internet but that does not mean they are legit.

Our final verdict on

Above is how to make mony form As stated above we can not really say if they are legit therefore exercise caution when dealing with them. Invest money that you can afford to lose to avoid had I know.

Yandexee is like a ponzi scheme that rely on member before it will run, forget about the order of a thing you need to invest before you can be paid. 50% of the money you invest will be paid to some one and when some one invest you will also be paid 50%. This is actually how it work.


As stated above invest what you can afford to loose, investment like this can crash at any times but since it is just starting you will surely make money before it crash.

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