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We money.live review: is it legit or scam, how to login or sign up

Wemoney.live is another investment platform where you can make money. It is targeted at south Africa. With this investment platform you can make more than R500 per day and you don’t need to have any skill or knowledge, with your phone you are good to go.

We money.live requirements

Before you can make money from this platform you need to meet up with the following requirement


Have phone with which to browse the site

Reside in south Africa


Have money with which to invest

How to login or sign up on wemoney.live

The fist step to take is to head over to wemoney.live website

Register with your name, email and other details

You will be ask to submit your phone number for verification.


Once you are done with registration you will be login to the website where you can start investing

How wemoney.live work

To make money on wemoney you will have to make a spin which is not hard just tap on the spinning tab and that’s it. If you are lucky you will earn R10 if not you will earn noting.

There is a limit to amount of spin you can perform per day, which is why you need to invest, if you do the the amount of spin you can make per day will increase and the amount you can make per spin will also increase.

How to withdraw and Invest on wemoney.live

The minimum you can withdraw and Invest is R300. You can withdraw your earning by connecting your bank account to the platform.

When was wemoney.live founded

Wenoney.live was establish on September 23 2022, like many other investment platform out there the founder is not known

Is wemomey.live legit or scam

Since they are still new we can not actually say. They are no negative reviews about them neither positive review but I will advice you to invest what you can can afford to lose to avoid had I know and heartache.

Our final verdict on wemoney.live

Wemoney.live have SSL in place which means they will not steal your data such as credit card details, but they are like other investment platform out there, they are bound to crash, but since they are still new you can make money from It before it will (assuming) crash.

Though there are no negative review about them yet, i will advice you to Invest what you can afford to loose to avoid heartache and had I know.


Above is how to make money on wemoney.live as you can see they are still new so there is no much information about them, this is why you need to exercise caution when dealing with them.

Only invest what you can afford to loose to avoid hard I know.
You can try them out with small money if it work then you can make your proper investment.

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