Best Truck Driving Schools in Canada

Top 50 Best Truck Driving Schools in Canada – [Updated List]

Best Truck Driving Schools in Canada – If you are looking for the best truck driving schools in Canada, this article will provide you with the best truck driving schools in Canada and open you up to the beauty of driving in such wonderful country.


Canada being a country in the North America, has ten provinces and three territories. It is the world’s second-largest country by total area and also shares its southern and western border with the United States, stretching 8,891 kilometres (5,525 mi), is the world’s longest bi-national land border. Canada tops #1 as the world’s most desirable country to live in and so of her cities is among the top 10 most livable cities in the world

Truck driving has become a very urgently desired service in Canada as Canada faces a huge Labour shortage and it is greatly affecting the country’s supply chain of goods. In some provinces which include Manitoba there are 5,000 transport truck drivers job vacancies and are giving eligible candidates the opportunity to fill these jobs because of the urgency.

The urgent need for truck drivers in Canada makes this a perfect time to start fresh as a truck driver in Canada, making this easier for you; we provide you with essential information about truck driving in Canada and best truck driving schools. Truck Driving is a very Crucial Job and will be given to Skillful and able hands.


Let’s proceed to list truck driving schools in Canada

List Of Truck Driving Schools in Canada

  • Trans-Canada car, Truck & Bus driving school (Montreal Quebec Canada)
  • Globe Driving Academy ( Calgary Alberta)
  • Protruckers Driving Academy ( Calgary, Alberta)
  • Montréal Heavy Vehicles Training Center (Montréal, Quebec Canada)
  • Top Gear Truck Driver Training ( Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada)
  • Rightlane Driver Training – (Bedford NS, Canada)
  • Skyways Truck Driving School (16934 Smoketree St. Hesperia, Canada)
  • Derek Brown’s Calgary Truck Driving School (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Capilano Truck Driver Training Institute (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Donovan’s Driver Education LTD (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • CCA Truck Driver Training LTD (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • National Truck Driving School Downtown MTL. (Montréal, Quebec, Canada)
  • Edmonton Truck Training (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Wild Rose Academy of Driving Inc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Alberta Truck Training & Driver Education Inc. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Breton Commercial Truck Training. ( Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • Maple Truck Training (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Class 1A Truck Driving Training Ltd. (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • Overdrive Truck Driver Training. (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • High-Grade Truck Driving. (Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • Nirmal Truck Driving Skills Ltd. (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • Jonas Truck Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • AGDP Truck Driving School. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • W. T. Safety Truck Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Ace Truck Driver Training Ltd. (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • Cameron Driver Education LTD. (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Nanak Driving School. ( Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Guru Truck Driving School. ( Pilot Butte, Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • Maximum Training (Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • People Driving Academy Inc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Neway Driving School. (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • 18-Wheels Training Services. (Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada)
  • Halifax Driving School. (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • Nova Skills Driving School. (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • MRD Driving School. (Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • Commercial Safety College. (Debert Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • Maritime Environmental Training Institute (METI) (Nova Scotia)
  • Transport Training Centres Of Canada Ltd. (Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • High Class Driving School. (Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)
  • North American Transport Driving Academy. (Ottawa, Ontario)
  • CROSSROADS Truck & Career Academy. (Gloucester, Ontario, Canada)
  • Professional Truck Driving School Ltd. (Calgary, Alberta)
  • AAA Point Driving School Ltd. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Great Truck Driving School. (Nepean, Ontario, Canada)
  • Gennaro Transport Training. ( Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Airbrake Academy of Alberta Ltd (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Punjab Driving Academy. (Calgary, Alberta)
  • Moja Driving School. ( Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Frank Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • 121 Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Dave’s Driving School-DDS.(Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • iDrive Alberta Driving Education Inc. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Moxie Driving Academy. (Calgary Alberta, Canada)
  • My Way Driving School Calgary (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Fleet Safety International (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Benchmark Driving School Corp. (Alberta, Canada)
  • Safe Driving School (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Southtrail Driving School.( Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Majha Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Labbaik Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • United Driving School Ltd. (Calgary Alberta, Canada)
  • Westhills Driving School Inc. (Calgary Alberta, Canada)
  • Calgary King Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • CTR Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Champion Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Drive2Pass Calgary Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Prepared Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Tuscany Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • ADC Driving School. (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

Best Truck Diving Schools In Canada

  • Trans Canada Truck Driving School (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • Friendly Truck Driving School (Scarborough, Ontario, Canada)
  • Rj Truck Driving School Ltd. (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Private Career College “Great Canada Truck Driving School (Concord, Ontario, Canada)
  • JAZ Truck, Bus & Forklift Driving School (Scarborough, Ontario Canada)
  • ABM Truck Driving School ( Ontario, Canada)
  • Canada Trust Driving School Inc. (Concord, Ontario , Canada)
  • AGP Truck Driving School (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Cameron Driver Education LTD (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Truck Driving School – Commercial Driver Training Center
  • Haulage Network Driving Academy (Truck Driving School) – (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • Ontario Truck Training Academy (Oshawa, Ontario, Canada)
  • Crossroads Truck and Bus Driver Training Academy (Barrie, Ontario, Canada)
  • Edmonton Truck Training (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)
  • Canadian Truck Training Center (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • Ben’s International Driving School (Springfield, Manitoba, Canada)
  • North Shore Driving School – Truck Division (Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada)
  • CCA Truck Driver Training Ltd (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Youth Truck Driving School (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)
  • Big Rig Driving School Ltd (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Prime Professional Driving School Ltd (Melt Approved) – (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Worldwide Truck Driving School (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
  • A is Transportation Training Centre (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)
  • GM Truck & Forklift Training Centre (Brampton, Ontario, Canada)
  • Perfect Truck Driving School (Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)
  • Perfect Truck Training Centre (Caledon, Ontario, Canada)
  • Protruckers Driving Academy (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • K S Driving School (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)
  • Valley Driving School (Surrey, British Columbia, Canada)
  • Derek Brown’s Academy Of Driving (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Humber Transportation Training Centre (Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada)
  • W T Safety Truck Driving School ( Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
  • Punjab Driving Academy (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)

1. Trans-Canada Truck Driving School

Trans-Canada Truck Driving School is one of the best Truck driving schools in Canada. It is located at 6355 Kennedy Rd, Unit 12A, Mississauga Ontario.

Having instructors who all together make a Professional team of qualified drivers and teachers, Each of them bring spectacular Specific qualities to the table to help the students transition from regular automobile drivers to Skillful operators of Dump and straight truck and even Tractor-trailer.


They create a free, interactive environment that emphasizes caution, adherence to rules and regulations and courtesy to other road users and the general public.

For more information visit

2. Private Career College – Great Canada Truck Driving School

It is located at Concord, Ontario L4K 2L7,1750 Steele Ave W. Understanding that driving is an essential skill that lot of person prefer to develop, and Truck driving being a skill that need able and professional Hands Private Career College walks people through this process and make sure that they are guided by professionals and helps you to be more confident behind the wheel, they make sure students trained enough to detect situations that could possibly cause accidents and gain better driving routine.

For more information on Private Career College – Great Canada Truck Driving School visit:

3. RJ Truck Driving School Ltd

It is located at Unit 11, 7895 Tranmere Dr. Mississauga, Ontario L5S 1V9. RJ Truck Driving School offers commercial truck driver training to its graduates and helps prospective Truck drivers kick off their careers to a good start.

RJ Truck Driving School is known for it’s technical expertise in the wide variety of instructional programs and advanced courses, they also offer the advantage of a real time training and experienced guidance concerning all sorts of challenges and specific demands of a truck driving career.

For more information on RJ Truck Driving School visit:

4. JAZ Truck, Bus & Forklift Driving School

It is located at 1750 Brimley Rd unit 100, Scarborough, Ontario. JAZ driving school specializes in providing all students with the required knowledge and skills to become a professional Truck, Bus or any Heavy Road vehicle driver.


They provide training courses for Truck Driving, Bus coaching and even Tractor-trailer driver program. Having competent Instructors with years of experience and Very good road skills, they make sure that Students are never left with Half-baked knowledge but are well trained and fully aware of the Truck Driving routine.

They make sure that Students are taught about caution while driving for the safety of the general public and provide students with a fun and interactive environment.

For more information about JAZ Truck, Bus & Forklift Driving School visit:

5. ABM Truck Driving School

It is located at 66 Guided CT Suite 203 A, Etobicoke, Ontario Canada. ABM Truck Driving School focuses on providing creative and modern services to all students. It is known for its up-to-date technology, and with the services they provide, they try to be one step ahead in the Trucking industry.

ABM Truck Driving School focuses on providing drivers capable of bridging the gap between supply and demand of long-haul truck driving. It strives in teaching its Students the theory and practical driving skills and the top driving techniques essential to safely prepare them for their future careers on the road ahead.

For this goal they make sure to have the most competent, professional and experienced instructors.

For more information about AMB Truck Driving School visit:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which province in Canada is best for truck drivers?

Although truck drivers are in demand across Canada, the following provinces have the highest demand.

  • Saskatchewan
  • British Columbia
  • Nova Scotia
  • Alberta
  • Ontario

2. How long is truck driving school in Canada?

It takes over 12 days; students will complete a minimum of 100hours of interactive in-class safety training and a minimum of 80hours of practical trainings

3. How much does it cost to become a truck driver in Canada?

Truck driving being essential for truck drivers is also not free. Aspiring CDL holders should have in mind to pay around $10,000 to complete their training. This may be quite expensive; especially for people new in Canada


Final Note

As you embark on your journey to learn how to become a professional Truck Driver in Canada because you look forward to gaining employment, be sure to start on a good foot by getting the training from a reputable, accredited institution with branch close to you, an affordable price and flexible schedule.

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