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To u loan app : Is it legit, contacts, how to apply and more

To u loan app is one of the loan app that give instant loan in Nigeria, their loan is without collateral and you don’t need guarantor or paper work.

With To u loan you can get a loan of up to #300,000 at a go. If you are taking their loan for the first time you might not be able to get up to this, but as you move on with them you will be eligible for more loan.


In this article you will read about to u loan, how to apply, their interest rate and the most important, is it legit?

To u loan requirements

Before you can apply for to u loan you need to meet up with their requirements which are


Be a Nigeria and reside in Nigeria

Have bank account and BVN

Have a good credit score

You must not have defaulted on any loan before


You should have a working email address

Once you met up with the requirement the next thing is to get a loan form them.

How to get loan from To u loan app

The first thing to do is to head over to play store and download the to u loan app

Launch the app, register with your name and create a password

You will be ask to submit your bvn number do so, this will be use to calculate your credit score

In the dashboard locate and click on loan

It will will bring out different loan offer

They will ask you to pay a security fee
After this, the loan will be disburse to your account in the maximum of three days

To u loan interest rate and repayment period

Their interest rate is between 4% to 20% depending on the amount of loan taken and the repayment period.

The repayment period is between 1 month to 1 year depending on the amount of loan taken and the pay back time.

How much you can loan from to u loan

You can obtain up to #300,000 loan from them with out collateral or paper work, but as a first timer you will surely not get up to this, but as you take loan and back pay I’m time the amount you can loan will increase.

To u loan repayment

During he registration process you will be asked to link your ATM card with the app. This is the card you will use to pay back your loan or you can contact them and ask for their bank account number.

Is to u loan legit, is it safe, is it approves by CBN

To u loan do give out loan but they are not approved by CBN nor insured by NDIC as at the time of writing this article. There are many complain of people online about how they pay a security fee but to u loan did not credit their account.

While some has use the platform to obtain loan without hustle. I will advice you to stir clear of this loan app, to prevent unnecessary problem.

To u loan contacts

Perhaps you are one of the victims of this loan app, below is their contact

To u loan Office address

1320 Shehu Yar’adua Way, Mabushi, Abuja

To u loan email address

[email protected]


While we are happy that there are now many loan app in Nigeria, most of this loan app are just there to milk their customer while some are just plain scam.

Beware of any loan app that ask you to pay more than #50 naira loan processing fee most of them are scam.

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