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Guide Everything you need about the best movie download site

Tfpdl is one of the best movie download site in Nigeria, you can download Hollywood for free and the most interesting part is that their movie is compressed you don’t need to burn a lot of data before downloading their movie

What is Tfpdl

Tfpdl is an acronym for Tips for PC download, it was initially a website for PC application and games, but later pivoted to movie download.


What you can download on Tfpdl

Apart from movie, you can also download game and other application from Tfpdl as long as you have data you will download tire.

How to download movie on Tfpdl


The first thing to do is to head over to their website

Look through their categories and select one or make use of the search box

Click on the type of movie you want

It will take you to another page, on that page


look for download now and click it

You will be ask to complete a captcha

After that the download link will appear

You can then click on one

The download will start immediately you do that

What type of movie you can download from Tfpdl

America movie
Chinese movie
And many other

Is Tfpdl legit

Yes Tfpdl is a legit site they do not use your data for bad thing and their website does not direct people to another place.

Is their movie legal
30% of their movie is already available in public domain which means it is legal but 70% of the remaining movie are not, so not legal.

That part is left for Tfpdl and movie owners to decide.

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