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Investing review: is it legit or scam, how does it work

Surefundsz is another online investment platform where you can make 50% of your profit. You don’t need o visit any location with your phone you are good to go. deal with naira so you don’t need to change your money to dollar.


Requirement to join

Below are the requirements you need to meet up with before you can make money from this platform

Have money to invest


Have phone with which to login to the website

Have internet connection

Once you have the following you as are good to go

How to make money on

The first step to make money from this platform is to head over to their website


Register with your name, email and other details

Once you are done with the registration, you will be login to your dashboard

There you will see option to invest your money

Click it and make your investment

You can make payment through your ATM card or bank transfer.

How much you can invest and withdraw from

On surefundz you can invest up to #1,000,000 and you can withdraw up to #500,000 at ago. withdrawal is made into your bank account.

Other way to make money from

Other way to make money from this platform is through referral. For every person you refer

you will get a profit according to the level you are. This is explain below

How work

There are 8 categories of investing on surefundz, the amount to invest and profit to make depend on this categories. They are

In trier, you can only invests #1,000 and your profit will be #1,500
Referral bonus is #150


investment fee: #2,000

Profit: #3,000
Ref bonus #300

Investment fee: #4,000
Profit: #6,000
Referral bonus : #600

Investment fee: #8,000
Profit: 12,000
Referral bonus: #1,200

Investment fee: #16,000
Profit: 24,000
Referral bonus: #2,400

Investment fee #32,000
Profit: 48,000
Ref bonus: 4, 800

Investment fee: 64,000
Profit : 96,000
Refsrel bonus: 9,600

Investment fee: 128,000
Profit: 192,000
Referall bonus: 19,200

Surefundz location and other Info

Surefundz is located in poth hacort in Nigeria , the owner of the platform is not know, but they have a WhatsApp number you can chat up.

Is surefundz legit or they are scam

Surefundz like other Investment platform out there, they have tendency to crash, but if you invest early you will surely make your money. Invest money that you can loose to avoid had I know.

Our final verdict on

Surefundz is an investment platform that relly on members, though you can perform task on the platform you need to invest money before you can make cool cash. Also the more you invest the more you will earn. Exercise caution when dealing with this platform

Though there are no negative review about them so far likewise their are no positive review about them online so far.


Above is how to make money on, as stated above only invest money that if you lose it won’t be a problem.

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