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Netnaija review: How to download movie from

Netnaija is one of the movie download site in Africa, more than 1m people use the platform every month. On Netnaija you can download any movie for free ranging form Bollywood, Hollywood to Nollywood in fact any wood you will find it there.

You can also download series movie which you might not find anywhere, all this for free.


How it all started

Netnaija started as a movie review and news site before they later pivot to movie download website and since then they have been serving the populace with hot movie back to back.

Types of movie you can download on Netnaija

  • Hollywood
  • Bollywood
  • Nollywood
  • Youruba movie
  • Series (Korea, America and others)

Apart from movie you can also download audio music and music video all this for free without paying a dime.


How to download movie from

To download movie, head over to

Once the page load you will be welcome with deferent movie and music that you can download

If you don’t like those movie click the menu icon at your left hand, there you will see the categories of movie to download

If that is still not fast enough

Use the search bar and type in the title of movie you want to download

Click on the movie once it load

You will be taken to another page

There you can read people review

You will see download video and download subtitle

Click download video first

It will take you to another page where you will download it

Once the movie start to download

Go back and download the subtitle

What you will like about Netnaija

Apart from given out movie for free, they value their user, they always take time to reduce the size of their movie, movie that should be about 1gb in size they will reduce it to 400mb, how they do that no body knows and the quality of their movie is always intact.

What you may not like about

In order to generate money thenetnaija uses ad network that give people problem.

Clicking on ad network on the platform will send you to another website and even if you don’t click you might still be send to another website but do not worry this site are not toxic they will not harm your phone, just see it as the price you pay to obtain those movies.

Is Netnaija legit

Thenetnaija is a legit site they do not infect your phone with virus and you will surely download whatever movie you want from the platform.

They do not charge for movie, also there is a room to review movies that you like.


Above is thenetnaija movie review, you can always count on them for better movie.

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