Loan apps that can give you 10,000, 50,000 and 100,000 naira in Nigeria


Though there are now many loan apps in Nigeria, few of them can actually give up to 100k, this is why we decided to list out the genuine loan app that give up to 100,000 naira loan and below in Nigeria.

Most of the loan app on this list are license by CBN so you have nothing of worry about.

List of loan apps that can give 100k and above in Nigeria

Requirement to obtain more than 100k loan and above in Nigeria

Before you can obtain more than 100k loan in Nigeria, you must meet up with some requirement which are

  • Have good credit score
  • Have bvn and bank account
  • Have source of income
  • Be above 18 years of age
  • Reside in Nigeria
  • Have smart phone with which to download the app

Carbon loan app

Carbon loan app is one of the best loan app in Nigeria, they are license by CBN and insured by NDIC. They have been in the loan business for a long time.


They can give more than 100k loan without collaterals or paper work but you must meet their requirement which is listed above.

Fairmoney loan app

Fairmoeny loan app is another loan app that give more than 100k loan. You don’t need to visit any location before you will obtain loan from this loan app, with your phone you are good to go.

Once you meet up with their requirement listed above you will be able to obtain more than 100,000 naira loan.

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Kiakia loan app

With kiakia loan app, you can get up to 200k without collateral or guarantors, but as a first timer you will not get up to this, but as you continue to take loan and pay back on time. Amount of loan you can obtain will be increase.

Aella credit loan app

Aella credit loan app will also give you more than 200k loan in Nigeria as long as you meet up with their requirement. Their interest rate is good as well as their repayment period and they don’t harass their customer but they surely know how to collect their money back from defaulters.


Xcredit loan app

Though this loan app is not license by CBN you can obtain more than #100,000 loan from them with out collateral or paper work.

Their loan processing is very fast within 30 minutes of submitting application, your loan will be disburse. All the processing will be done on your phone.

Mota cash loan app

You can also obtain up to 100k loan from mota cash as long as you meet up with their requirement.

Their loan is hassle free, you don’t need to visit any location before you will obtain the loan with your phone you are good to go. Their interest rate is high for first timer but subsequent loan interest rate will be less.

Gomoni loan app

This is another loan app where you can obtain up to #100,000 and above. But you don’t need collateral or paper work to obtain loan from this platform, with your phone and bvn you are good to go.

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If you meet up with their requirement they will surely give you loan.

What you need to know before getting 100k and below loan

Most of the loan app in Nigeria including those listed above will not give you loan of up to 100k if you are applying for the first time, you will need to use the app for sometimes before you can obtain more than 100k loan.


Above is how to obtain loan of 100k, 50k, 10k and 5k in Nigeria. The loan app above will surely give you loan but ensure you take loan that you can pay back to avoid had know or embarrassment.

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