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List of private schools in Ibadan: secondary, nursery and primary

One of the best legacy you can give your child is education in fact it is the paramount thing but what to do when it is an herculean task to find the best private school in Ibadan that you can enroll your ward.

Ibadan being one of the largest city in Africa house million of people and a lot of school at least Ibadan is said to have more than 6,000 private schools and I’m sure it is more than that if roadside private school are to be counted. 


As many as these private school you will sweat before you can find private school that will teach your children not only education stuff but also in moral and character.

This is why we compile the list of best private school in Ibadan. We know that you have deferent intension and expectation from this article that is why we split the article into best private secondary school in Ibadan, top nursery school in Ibadan and best primary school in Ibadan you can read on or skip to what you want to know.


Top Private secondary school in Ibadan

Below are the private secondary schools in Ibadan with their address

Lifeforte secondary school

The international school Ibadan

The vale college


Christ the ambassador international college

George and Duke international college

Rubies international college

Lead city international school

Seed of life school



1) Lifeforte secondary school

Lifeforte is a Christian school founded for the sole purpose of giving out quality education to children between the age of 3 to 18.

It was founded in 1990 by pastor (Dr) Olubi and Sarah Johnson when they see the gap of quality education between the public secondary school student in Nigeria and their counterpart abroad.

Lifeforte does not only stop at quality education they make sure to guide student spiritually and psychologically and it open for both the national and international student.

Currently they have student from Britain, America, Australia and Canada with a travel agent that will carry them to and fro on standby.

Lifeforte knows that education and serene environment are one that is why it is situated far away from hustling and bustling of Ibadan.

Location: 1 Lifeforte boulevard awotan GRA Ibadan.

Founder: Pastor (Dr) Olubi and Sarah Johnson

Founded in: 1990

2) The international school Ibadan

As the name implies, the international school is establish not only for national but for both foreign and local student.

They provide conducive environment where different races of student can come together and learn from one another and like life forte they have travel agency on standby.

The international school Ibadan was founded by university of Ibadan in 1963 which make it one of the oldest secondary school in Nigeria.

We would have categorize it into public school but they demand fee which is use to further improved the quality of education they dole out to student.

Location: Akinyele road, Ibadan

Founder: University of Ibadan

Founded in: 1963

3) The vale college

The vale college is another top private school in Ibadan founded in 1994 by Solemilia educational trust.

It was founded to do just two things which are to teach student in character and learning and they have been doing that as it is evident in the life of their alumni.

To improve the quality of their teaching they only accept 50 student into jss1 yearly and they are divided into 25 student which is good since the less student the performance.

Founder: Solemilia educational trust

Founded in: 1994

4) George and Duke international college

George and Duke international college also cater for both foreign and national student. Their focus is on quality education and moral of each student.

The qualification of their teachers which ranges from second class upper to master certificate holder make them stand out from their peers.

George and duke shows that they mean business by providing boarding school that look like home to student.

Location: plot 6 and 7 simeon adebo avenue, iyaganku GRA, Ibadan


5) Rubies international college

Rubies international is a Christian school that focus on discipline, moral and quality education, it was founded in 2007 by pastor Moses Amure and Pastor Esther Olufunmilayo Amure of the redeem Christian church of God. They engage both in day schooling and boarding.

One of the best thing about rubies international college is that they also take recreational activities serious they have the following facilities for sport

  • Basketball, badminton
  • Table tennis
  • Snooker board
  • Dart
  • Ayo
  • Chess and scrabble

Location: felele straight end express link Ibadan Oyo state

6)/Christ the ambassador international college

Another best private secondary school in Ibadan is Christ the ambassador international college; it is a Christian school which upholds integrity and quality education.

The school is open for both the foreign and local student.

Christ the ambassador started as nursery and primary school before establishing the college arm in 1998 in serene area of Ibadan. Apart from education they vow to mentoring student in the following

Leadership role

Intellectual skill

Civilized governance

Location: Alaafin avenue oluyole estate ring road Ibadan, Nigeria

7) Lead city international school

Lead city international school was college arm of lead city university. Over the year they are known to provide quality education to their student and it is one of the secondary school that prepare student for CSE, SAT and IELTS.

What make them stand out among their peers is the conducive environment and learning facilities that aid quick learning.

Location: Jericho Ibadan

8) Seed of life school

Seed of live school is a Christian school that also upholds integrity. It was founded in 1991 as Creech and Nursery school and later metamorphosis into nursery, primary and secondary school with four locations in Ibadan.

Seed of life take their student serious by employing competent teachers, the least of their teachers qualification is second class upper.

Since they are Christian school they make sure they train their student spiritually, mentally and psychologically.

Location: plot 1 onireke, agbarigo dugbe road eleyele bustop Ibadan.



Private primary and nursery school in Nigeria

1)/Dayspring child care nursery and primary school

The first on our list of best nursery and secondary school in Ibadan is Dayspring child care. It was founded with the purpose of turning learning into fun activities for the children and this they do well by providing suitable playing ground. There philosophy is that happy children are those that learn quickly and remember what they learn.

Location: Oluyole estate

2) Abi international school

Abi is a school for both foreign and local, they have facilities for both secondary and nursery student and their focus is to provide student with quality education.

To prevent distraction that comes with day schooling they provide boarding school for their student.

3) Adelayo Academy Ibadan

Adelayo academy focus only on local student, and they are ready to give their best in giving quality education to their student by employing qualify teachers.

Location: Iyana church street Adelayo estate wakajaye Ibadan


4) Marella international group of school

Marella focus only on nursery and primary school they do not have secondary school and since it is only nursery and primary they give their all to make their student standout among their peers.

Location: 27 olubadan avenue oluyole estate Ibadan Oyo state


5) Maryhill convent school

Maryhill convent is another primary school in Ibadan that seeks to give quality education to youngling. Their well equip facilities shows they are true to their word some of these facilities are

Library, science laboratory, computer room, sports and games field

Location: Idi ape Iwo road off ring road Ibadan Oyo state


6) Seed of life nursery and primary school

As they uphold integrity in their secondary school they also do so in their primary school in addition to the quality education they dole out to their student.

Address plot 1 onireke GRA agbarigbo dugbe road Ibadan Oyo Nigeria


7) Daniels and jewels kiddies palace

Daniels and jewel kiddies palace offers crèche, daycare, nursery and primary school. They want youngling to be self-independent in learning.

Location:  Alikidam street, kute area Ibadan Oyo state

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