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IPhone price in Nigeria UK used (iPhone 6,7,8,11,12,13,xs,xr)

It is a widely knowledge that iPhone is one of best phone in the word if not the no 1. Is it the camera you want to talk about or the dispkay.

It is the best phone that anybody can lay his or her hand on. But what do in Nigeria when the rate of dollar to naira is high therefore making the price of iPhone a no go to.


Thanks to UK used, we can now buy iPhone at affordable price in Nigeria.

This article is all about price of UK used iPhone in Nigeria. You will find all the UK used iPhone price in this article and not only that you will also read some important information that will help you in buy working UK used iPhone.


What is UK used iPhone

UK used iPhone are used iPhone imported from country like USA, UK, China and many other developed country. Don’t let the UK used fool you most of this UK used iPhone are actually ship from America.

Average America does not use phone for more than a year. Once they are tired of their phone they will swap it for new one. The phone maker will in turn ship the phone to Africa country like Nigeria.

When buying UK used iPhone

There are some factors you need to put into consideration when buying UK used iPhone which are:

Battery of the iPhone
Test the phone, you can on your data and browse the internet to see how the battery drain.


A battery that have 70% capacity is bad, yes i know that the phone is a used one and as such it will not give the 100% battery capacity but it should have noting less than 90% to 95% capacity if you really want to enjoy the iPhone

Remember that iPhone battery does not last normally, so take your time to check the battery before you pay.

Let it be unlock
Buy iPhone that has been unlocked already it will save you a lot of money and sweat.

There are some iPhone that has worldwide unlock, immediate you unlock it, it will lock back so ensure the iphone is factory unlocked. To know if the iPhone is factory unlocked press the phone for sometime if it is widely unlock it will stop working at a time and that is it you will have to find a laptop to unlock it.

Insert your sim card
The first thing you need to do is to insert your sim card, make call with it and browse with it. Do not ever buy iPhone that have sim card problem most of these UK use iPhone are WiFi only phone which means you can’t use sim card on the phone.

Fingerprints not working
This is another area you should pay attention to, ensure the fingerprint is working fine and if you are a type that does not fancy fingerprints you can go ahead and buy the iPhone but I tell you it will bite back.

Chcek the face ID
If the face ID is broken it can not be fixed again so check it well before you pay that exorbitant price.

With all been said we will now go into the price of UK used iPhone in Nigeria

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Price of UK used 2022 Apple iPhone SE 5G in Nigeria

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