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Hashtray.store review: is it legit, how to sign up and login

Hashtray.store is like any other investment platform out there, where you can invest and make money on your investment. But here you will be dealing with cryptocurrency; you will be mining crypto, don’t worry it is not hard, with just a click on your phone you will are mining. Every time you mine you will make your money. You can make more than 100 dollar from this platform depending on the amount you invest.

Requirement to earn from Hashstray.store

Hashtray does not have much requirement just that you need


To have money to invest

Smart phone white which to access the website

Internet connection


Once you have all the following it is time to sign up

How to sign up for hashtray.store investment platform

To sign up head over to hashtray.store

Register with your name, e-mail, and other details

Once you are done with your registration you will be loging to your dashboard

There you can tap invest and deposits the required amount

How much you can invest with hashtray

With hashtray you can invest up to $50,000 at a go and the amount you can withdraw at a go is $10,000. The minimum you can withdraw is $1.

How to withdraw from hashtray.store

To withdraw from hashtray head over to your dashboard

There you will see Withdrawer tab

Click it and input the amount you want

Payment method

You can make payment with the following
ATM card

Yandex money



Commencement of activities

Hashtray.store started operation in March 2022, the owner of the platform is not known

Is hashtray legit

Like many other investment platform out there hashtray.store is legit, there are many people who are making money from this platform, but

I will advice you to exercise caution with this investment platform, do not invest more than your capacity, invest what you know if you lose it won’t be a problem.

Other way to make money from this platform

Another way to make money from this platform is through referral, on hashtray if you refer 1 person you will get $4.

Our final verdict about hashtray.store

Hashtray.store is a new investment platform, they have not been around for a long time.

Their website have SSL certificate which means they are serious about the platform.

The only problem with them is that they have not been mention by popular media which is a flag. Any way exercise caution when dealing with them.


Above is the review of hashtray.store. As stated above I will advice you to exercise caution, invest what you can loose.

You can test them out with the referral option if you are able to refer many people then try to withdraw your earning, if you succeed then you can invest with them.

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