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Funke Opeke Biography (Main one), Net worth and lesson

Funke Opeke Biography (Main one) Net worth, Age and Family

Who is Funke Opeke

Funke opeke is one of the tech startup icon in Nigeria in fact it could be said that she is on of the pioneer of startup ecosystem in Nigeria because she has been ploughing the field of tech business as far back as 2008.


She is very popular among the techy due to her numerous free advice and encouragement she dole out constantly. She is the founder of main one, a tech company that provides communication service.

The purpose of this article is to show you the liFe of Funke Opeke (biography, her net worth, age, and husband), it does not end there like all our biography article we will also provide you with lesson we deduct from her living

Let go into it


Funke Opeke background

Funke opeke was born with a silver spoon, she was born by a lecturer and the first director of the cocoa research institute of Nigeria and her mother was a prominent teacher who handles catholic school.

Due to some reason Funke Opeke was born in and raised in Ibadan though she hails from Ile oluji in Ondo state. Including her mother and father her family is 9 in number.

Funke Opeke Education

Since she was raised in Ibadan she went to queen’s college Ibadan, an only girl school. She further her education in Obafemi Awolowo where she obtain a degree in electrical engineering, she did not stop there she went to Columbian university to obtain her master also in electrical engineering.

Funke Opeke Career

Funke Opeke began her career in New York USA immediately she was through with her education. She was made an executive director in Verizon communication wholesale division.

After some years working with Verizon she came back to Nigeria in 2005 and accepted to work in MTN as a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) it was not long before she leaves MTN for NITEL a public communication company.

At NITEL she was made a COO (Chief Operating Officer), it was in NITEL she discover the telecommunication problem we are having in Nigeria then, she made it known to NITEL but they are not ready to solve it. This will take us to Main One story

Main One and Funke Opeke

Like how other entrepreneur started their own company, Funke Opeke was also tired of communication problem in Nigeria, a problem that NITEL can easily solve but been public company they are not ready to solve it, this make her calculate her move and launch out to solve it. She conducted her feasibility study and write business plan.

In 2008 after she acquired fund from some investor in France she launched the company and start to build cable that will connect Nigeria and Africa to world and that begin the solution to Nigeria and Africa telecommunication problem.

Funke Opeke net worth

As a CEO of one the top tech company in Africa she worth between $10 million and $50 million

Equinox and main one

In 2021 equinox a company in the same space with Main One proposes to buy the company for $320 million; at time of writing this article they have not strike the deal.

The plan is that Equinox will use Main one to further boost her presence in Africa since they already have underground cable connecting Portugal and some European country with Nigeria.

Funke Opeke mentor

Funke has a mentor in person of Fola Adeola the founder of Guarantee Trust Bank (GTB) and current chairman of Main One. This is the person that backed her when she want to start Main One and with the confidence she was given it was seamless as she move to make her dream come true.

Lesson from Funke Opeke Biography

Problem solver

Many People like the wealth and glory that comes with been entrepreneur but few actually what to solve problem, if you want to become entrepreneur or go far in your entrepreneur journey you need to learn how to see problem and how to find solution to it, let problem irritate you and your entrepreneur journey will be Smooth.

Seek to solve problem and every other things will be added on to it

Only girl

When she was in Obafemi Awolowo University Funke was the only girl in her class and that did not pull a hair form her body. Thanks to that she was able to stand firm a male dominated industry (tech startup).

Whatever situation you find yourself in life take it as a lesson and go through it imagine if Funke leave university because she is only girl she won’t have had the strength and power to become star in tech industry, her voice would have drown long time ago.

Silver spoon

Hardly will you see People born with silver spoon that will thrive to make a path for themselves in life or solve problem.

How will they care for problem when they have their father money to spend, they will rather go into music and other fun like career.

Funke did not let her father wealth get into her head she want to write her own story, she did not let the fact that she is a professor daughter take her dream away.


If you are entrepreneur or intending one with a notion that school is scam this is the best time to change that, because Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gate drop out of school does not validate that notion.

Do not forget that Mark Zuckerberg has a rich family, a poor man cannot afford Harvard and Bill Gate also has rich family with her mother been one of the board of top tech company.

The truth is you will need education to make impact in life especially in Nigeria.


Mentorship is one of the way to attain your goal in life, imagine if Funke Opeke did not have someone routing for her she won’t have the confidence to pursue her dream.

Find mentor who is 10 years in to what you want to become for instance if you want to build a tech startup find someone who is 10 years in their startup career.


You have read the biography of Funke Opeke and the lesson form her living; the next thing is to allow the biography to motivate and inspire you. In truth you can’t become like Funke Opeke, nobody can, you need to find your own path the biography is just to inspire you.

Keep moving, keep working, see you at the top

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