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Euro to naira black market rate today

As naira continue to fall against dollar it is doing the same thing with Euro, though not as bad as dollar.

After dollar, Euro is the second most use currency in the word, To buy goods and services in Europe you will surely need to change your Naira to Euro.


In this article you will learn about Euro to Naira black market rate.

1 Euro to 1 Naira in black market is #620


While the bank rate is #456

Thanks to the CBN policy , with a domiciliary account you can withdraw your money from bank and exchange it in Aboki place. But do not buy Dollar or Euro form this people, you should only sell to them, if you do you might be arrested.

Why is Naira falling helplessly against Euro

Like dollar the problem is simple, we buy more than we produce and since dollar and euro is the world accepted medium of exchange we need euro to purchase goods and services outside the country which make it demand rise up and you know the law of demand; the higher the demand the higher the price.

When changing your money in Aboki place
There are now many fraudulent act around currency exchange in Nigeria, make sure you trust the person before you do business with them.


If you are just meeting the currency buyer for the first time, test him or her with a little money and see how he react.

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Above is the rate of euro to dollar in the black market, since currency exchange is volatile we will keep updating this page. If you need euro to naira bank rate you can tryout our currency converter

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