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Creditville loan app: How to apply, is it legit, interest rate and more

Creditville is a loan company, they give out loan to individuals, business and people that want to purchase car. Their loan is hustle free, for payday loan you don’t need collateral or paper work neither are you require to visit their location but for business and other loan you will need a collateral and paper work.

How Creditvile works

Creditville is like a microfinance bank, they give out loan and you can also invest with them. As an individual you will get a loan of up to #2,000,000 while business can get much more.


Types of loan offer by Creditville

Creditville has different loan options targeted at deferent people, this loan option are

Payday loan (Personal loan)


This is targeted at salary earner in Nigeria. In this loan you can get up to #2m naira without collateral. The loan is given in proportion to your salary


Below are the requirement you need before you can obtain payday loan from Creditville

  • Be a Nigerian and reside in Nigeria
  • Your name and valid email address
  • Have bank account and BVN
  • Employee I.D card
  • Letter of employment
  • Utility bill
  • Passport photographs

Car loan
This is also for salary earner who want to buy car but have no money. If your application is approved you will be given a car loan and pay back in instalment. You will become the full owner once you pay all your debts.



Below are the requirement to getting car loan form Creditville

You need to provide a driver license

You need to provide your I.D card

Statement of account spanning six months

Recent utility bill

SME loan
This is for business men and women. Here you can obtain a loan of up to 4m naira to finance your business but you will need collateral and sometimes guarantor.

Below are the requirements you need to meet up


Statements of account spanning six months
Certificate of Corporation

Government issued I.D card such as National

I.D card or Voters card

A guarantor

Creditville interest rate and repayment period

Creditville interest rate depend on the type of loan you are taking but it is between 5% to 20% and the repayment period is between 1 month to 18 months.

Is creditville legit

Creditville is a legit company, they are regulated by CBN and insured by NDIC. Ever since their inception there have been no bad news about them.

Creditville contacts

1B Olosa Street Victoria Island Lagos, Off Karimu Kotun St, Victoria Island 101241, Lagos

phone number



Creditville has been proven to be the best when payday loan, business loan and car loan is concern.

Most of their loan comes with collateral so ensure you take loan you can pay back to avoid collateral forfeiture.

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