24hrs loan in Nigeria (easy to apply and no collateral)

Emergency! Emergency!! Emergency!!! That nine letters world people rarely take it serious in Nigeria they do not even think there will be a day they will need cash urgently but alas it happen and it will continue to happen. Many people have lost their live because they couldn’t get cash to treat them at hospital; … Read more

Loan for unemployed in Nigeria (easy to get, no collateral)

Nigeria economy continue to worsen, I don’t think there is hope on the horizon, you spend huge amount of money to go to school or learn a skill or trade but after that graduate will be welcome with lack of job and artisan will find it hard to find customer and if you want to … Read more

Urgent loan in Nigeria without documentation or collateral

Some years ago it is hard to get a loan in Nigeria, the only place to look at is the bank and that comes with frustration and they rarely loan money to individual not talk of getting urgent loan from them Thanks to Fintech popping up and there, they make it easy to get urgent … Read more

IPPIS loan in Nigeria: How to apply and get your loan

One of the advantages of been a worker in Nigeria is that there is opportunity to get a loan to finance your business or other ventures, I know of some people that build house, send their ward to school and build business from the loan acquire form government. As usual once you collet IPPIS loan … Read more