Opay loan USSD transfer code: Easy way to get loan from opay

Opay loan ussd code

Opay loan is also known as okash, it stem from a giant tech company in Nigeria called Opramini, I’m sure you know the browsing app that helps Nigeria to surf the web with low data. They venture into many tech startup while some fail some survive such as Opay. Well that is a story let … Read more

Ecobank loan: How to get a loan from Ecobank

Ecobank is one of the bank that gear up their effort in the loan and banking industry, before it is hard to get loan from Ecobank, like other banks you will have to go to their branch with documents and collateral. They don’t even offer small or personal loan but thanks to new development Ecobank … Read more

Migo loan USSD code: Easy way to get loan from Migo

Migo loan is one of the loan company that give quick loan in Nigeria, they are quick to disburse loan with a click on their website or the use of ussd code your loan will be disbursed within minute of applying. Migo loan is for every body in Nigeria from artisan to salary earner to … Read more

Access bank loan requirement, interest rate and ussd code

It is no longer news that bank like Access bank now give loan like Fintech and the most interesting part of this is that they have many loan product that does not require collateral or paper work But there are some that does, this is why we decided to give out information on the Access … Read more

How to pay back access bank loan

It no longer a news that you can get a loan with a just a click on your phone, much more easy than it was some years ago thanks to entrepreneur and loan companies who take it as a job to provide fund for the populace The problem people are having now is how to … Read more

Zenith loan: How to get a loan from zenith bank

Zenith Bank as one of the top tier bank in Nigeria also give loan to their customer. Before, you will need to provide collateral and documentation before any bank can give you loan but thanks to development in Fintech industry, you can now get loan without collateral from bank. Types of loan offer by zentith … Read more