Sources of finance for small scale business and startup in Nigeria

As the saying money goes “money is the oil of evangelism” likewise in business “capital is the oil of business”. Capital is one of the problem entrepreneur need to solve before they can start their business but most time they think it is only bank or investor that can bankroll their business, they neglect other … Read more

Top 16 logistics company in Nigeria

The rise of e-commerce as given rise to logistic business in Nigeria, in fact they are now too much such that they can be confusing, and as usual when people crawled up in the same business there is bound to be bad egg that is why you as a business need to check well before … Read more

Feasibility study in Nigeria: How to write and conduct it

Ben watched as water stream from his friends face, they have fail again, this will be there fifth business, not that they don’t have experience in those business nor do they lack capital, for no just reason they keep failing. “What am I going to tell my wife now’ Tade said “that she has a … Read more

Forms of business organisation in Nigeria

Business enterprises in Nigeria has deferent legal form that entrepreneur can choose in from. While there are four forms of business organization entrepreneur should know and chose carefully because it is easy to opt in for one than transit to another. A form of business is about ownership, legal framework, ownership, management size and financial. … Read more