List of mobile money operators in Nigeria (CBN licensed)

It is no longer news that mobile phone has now gotten smarter, every day technologist keep adding function that is making it more useful and one of such functions is mobile money app that let you receive and transact money. Before the advent of it, it was a hustle to send and receive money, you … Read more

Business you can start with 5k to 10k in Nigeria

Starting business with 5k to 10k is not what anyone want but what to do when there is no capital to startup a gigantic business, but let me tell you something business you start with 5k to 10k stand a chance to succeed than those that require a lot of capital. Why? By thinking of … Read more

Best digital bank in Nigeria

Who would have thought that a day will come when we will make transaction without facing long que that is characteristics of traditional banks, all thanks to digital bank that utilize technology to carry out banking functions; from withdrawing to making payment everything can now be done the comfort of your home. The threat this … Read more

List of merged banks in Nigeria

Doing business in Nigeria is tough not only for the small business and tech startup; it is also tough for financial institution. Yeah the Institution Company and business run to when there is financial problem. But because their wound up can course havoc to the economy of a country they do not die like other … Read more

The most successful entrepreneurs in Nigeria

Many people will dream of becoming an entrepreneur but few will later be, out of those that become entrepreneur less will build lasting and impactful business. Entrepreneur is a hard discipline to be and if you reside in Nigeria it is more harder, before you find business idea, plan and execute, not to talk of … Read more

Forms / Types of culture in Nigeria

There are deferent types of culture in Nigeria but to outside Nigeria is just one giant bulb with no cultural differences which is what we are here to debunk. Nigeria as the most populous country in Africa housed more than 200 million people, over 300 ethnics group, over 500 languages and over 1000 dialect. It … Read more