It was like yesterday when I visited my uncle in his car wash work space around Basorun in Ibadan, it was a good experience that I carry around. All the staff were always on to something either washing or rinsing. Even though I was young I could deduced how much my uncle was making from … Read more

Software to formulate feed in Nigeria

As of today Nigeria animal production is still the best money milking machine in agriculture sector but it has one thing that chase people away from it, if you are farmer you will already know want I’m talking about. It is capital intensive, animal production requires a lot of capital to succeed while the capital … Read more

How To Start A Soap Production Business In Nigeria

Solid soap which is also called bar soap will always been in demand as long as people keep washing their body, cloth, dish, and as the demand rises so is the profit. Soap making business is part of business that is often overlook in Nigeria, many entrepreneur would like to set up a tech business … Read more

How to Start Palm Oil Business In Nigeria

Gone are the days when agriculture or agriculture related business was looked down upon, now, agric business has been making waves especially palm oil business which has been proven time with out number as a profitable venture. If entrepreneur can follow due process it will continue to be a money printing machine since oil palm … Read more

How to start a POS business in Nigeria

POS was not in many Nigerian dictionary until 2013 when central bank gave a go ahead to Nigeria Bank. Before that receiving and sending money was a problem for people especially those living in the rural area, before they could send or recieve money they will have to travel a far distance usually to the … Read more

Biography Investment and Networth of Jimoh Ibrahim

Jimoh Ibrahim Background Jimoh Ibrahim, a renowned lawyer, investor, business man and CEO of Global fleet Group was born in February 1967 in Okitipuoa Ondo state. Jimoh Ibrahim unlike many business man who has rich background as a support was born by a bricklayer and a fish seller, yet he didn’t let that weigh him … Read more

6 ways to make money on social media in Nigeria

Since the advent of social media, thing has changed it’s like we now have two world one physical while the other is virtual or we could say simulation of physical world since virtually everything in the physical can also be found in the virtual realm. Social media was created to mingle with family, friend and … Read more