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Cash loan app: is it legit, interest rate and other

Cash loan app will give you loan instantly without collateral or guarantor. Their loan disbursements is fast and the process of getting loan is easy. They are the go to if you need loan quickly

What is cash loan app


Cash loan app is a finance company that give out instant loan to people. It is Indian company but recently they extend their tentacles to Nigeria. They give loan with out collateral or guarantor.

Requirements to get loan from cash loan app

Like other loan app in Nigeria, you need to meet up with some certain requirement before you can obtain loan from cash loan app this requirements are


Have a source of income

Have bank account

You should be above 18 years of age

You must not gave defaulted on any loan before


You should have smart phone

How to apply for cash loan app

The first thing is to download the app
After that register with your information and other details

Once you are done with registration you will be login automatically

On your dashboard locate and click on loan

Here you will see amount of loan you are qualify for

Click the loan offer and the loan will be disbursed in minutes

How much loan you can obtain from cash loan app

With cash loan app you can get up to #300,000 but as first timer you will get less than this, until you prove yourself by paying your loan back on or before the due date.

Cash loan app interest rate and repayment period

Their interest rate is between 5% to 30% and the repayment period Is between 1 month to 6 months depending on the amount of loan obtain.

How to repay your cash loan

To repay your cash loan login to your dashboard and look for loan repayment

There you will see option to pay with ATM card or transfer to their bank account. When making transfer ensure you have their correct account number to avoid story that touch.

Is cash loan app legit

Right now there are no bad information about them but they are not licensed by CBN and not insure NDIC.


Cash loan app will give instant loan but do not take more than you chew. Excessive loan can take you back to square one.

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