Kiakia loan USSD code: how to get a loan from kiakia

Kiakia is a subsidiary of starling bank or we could say it is their loan machine, it is one of the app that give out quick loan in Nigeria, you don’t need to gather collateral or sign deferent forms before you apply for this loan, with just a tap on your phone your loan will … Read more

First bank loan code: How to apply for first bank loan

First bank has never taken last, they are initiator, they are part of banks in Nigeria that want fund to be easily accessible, they give loan to deferent segment of Nigerian population; from salary earner to non salary earner or business man they cater for everybody. There are some of their loan you can get … Read more

5 ways to request/check your GTbank statement of account

Statement of account has now become an important document, if you want to collect a loan or apply for visa you might be ask to submit it. While some banks send statement of account periodically to their customer while some do not, this is why you need to knowing how to check or request for … Read more

How to block zenith bank ATM card in less down 5 minutes

As technology continue to improve so do fraudster continue to wise up, ATM card that you can keep anywhere before has now turn to thing you need to hide well because if it get into the hand of scammers, they will find a way to get your card details through the CVV or it might … Read more

Fidelity loan USSD code: How to get a loan from Fidelity Bank

Fidelity bank is among the bank that give out loan to their customers. They have deferent loan product targeted at different segment of their over 5 million customer. You can get a fast and quick loan without collateral or paper work with them and you can also get heavy loan such as mortgage loan. This … Read more

UBA loan Code: How to apply for UBA loan, requirement

UBA bank is one of the bank in Nigeria that give urgent loan. With UBA loan you can get up to #1m naira loan without collateral or paper works and there are some loan that are upto #50m but these ones need collateral before you can access it. I’m sure you know that UBA give … Read more

GTbank (balance) loan code: How to get loan from GTbank

Gtbank continue to develop loan product that will suit its customers, they want everybody to have access to finance as mush as possible, what a good time to be in Nigeria. Most people actually know this loan product but the problems is how to get it and the ussd code to check the balance which … Read more