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9credit loan app: How to apply, interest rate, is it legit and more

9credit is one of the loan app that give instant loan without collateral or paper back. You don’t need to go to any physical location before you can get loan from them, with just a click on your phone your loan will be disburse.

What is 9credit loan

9credit loan app exist to give out personal loan to people in Nigeria you don’t need collateral and their loan is hassle free.


Apart from loan you can also perform transaction, make bill payment and others with this app.

Requirements to get a loan from 9credit app

Like other loan app in Nigeria before you can get a loan from them you need to meet up with their requirement which are

  • Have banks account and BVN
  • Be a Nigeria and reside in Nigeria
  • Have good credit score
  • You must not have defaulted on any loan before
  • You will provide your name and valid email address
  • You should be between the age of 22 to 55 years
  • Have a source of income

How to apply for 9credit loan

To apply for 9credit loan follow the procedure below

Download 9credit loan app on play store

Launch it and register with your name and email address

You will be ask to submit your BVN, do so


After this you will be automatically login to your dashboard

On your dashboard locate and click on loan

You will see amount of loan you are eligible to obtain

Click it and the loan will be disburse to your account in minutes after applying

9credit loan interest rate and repayment period

9credit loan interest rate depends on the repayment period and credit score, it is between 0.07% per day to 22.2% per year. The repayment period is between 60 days to 120 days.

How much you can loan from 9credit

The minimum amount you can loan is #10,000 while the maximum amount you can loan is #200,000 though it depends on your credit score.

9credit loan repayment

You can repay your loan with the ATM card you bind to the app while registering or request for 9credit bank account by contacting them and transfer to the account. Ensure you contact them before making the transfer.

Punishment for late repayment

If you miss your repayment day on 9credit you will be punished with 2% increase per day on your loan and if you default they might send a derogative message to your contacts.

Is 9credit loan legit, is it approved by CBN

9credit loan is legit, many people I know have taken loan form the platform but is it approved by CBN? The answer is no, as at the time of writing this article 9credit is not approve by CBN nor insured by NDIC so be careful when taking loan on this app.

The problem of these loan apps  that are not approved by CBN is that they can defame you and send derogative i messages to your contacts since they are not really under CBN it will be hard to bring them to justice so thread carefully.

9credit loan contacts

Below are the 9credit contacts

9credit phone number

9credit email address
[email protected]

9credit address
Lawal street, oregun, ikeja, Nigeria;


In giving out loan, 9credit is legit but they are not approve by CBN therefore thread carefully take loan you know you can pay back to avoid story that touch.

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